Why metal roof is a popular options for commercial roofing

In the commercial roofing domain, the very significant and prominent role of metal roofs have been proved beyond any doubt. This is because, metal roofs have some clear and definite advantages about them for commercial roofing that will give you the best value on your investment. Therefore, with increasing frequency, building owners are discovering that metal roofs offer them a host of benefits like longevity, energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, aesthetic looks and many others. Here we try to understand some of the invaluable advantages of metal roofs for commercial roofing.

The costing of metal roofs must be approached in two stages namely the cost of the material and installation and the lifecycle cost. While the former is the product cost and the installation charges you will incur, the latter is the factor like life expectancy, energy saving, cost of replacement, and the maintenance cost over the product’s lifetime. Several studies show us that the lifetime cost of metal roofs make them a clear winner as the maintenance cost of metal roofs cost much lesser than the other types of roofs. Hence they assure highly impressive returns over the life time of the building.

Longevity is the most impressive benefit of metal roofs you will find irresistible. Replacement of commercial roofing is always associated with the upfront cost of the roof replacement and the cost of disruption to business. The choice of durable roofing materials like metal helps reduce the number of replacements during the lifespan of the building. Steven Danielpour, AIA and director of specifications at HOK, a New York-based firm says, “When fabricated and installed correctly, metal roofs can outlast and outperform elastomeric roof systems, SBS-modified [styrene butadiene styrene–modified] roof systems, and single-ply roofs.” The average lifespan of metal roofs is over 60 years which makes them a singularly best option for commercial roofing.

Durable characteristics
In addition to assuring a long life span, Commercial Roofing And Sheet Metal also assure durability, protection against weather extremes, and minimal maintenance. The buildings located in high wind prone areas can land on a reliable protection against catastrophic damage by investing in metal roofs. Underwriters Laboratories rate them as Class 4 roof marking them as less likely to be damaged by wind, fire, hails and storms. Class 4 rating can also help bring down the insurance premiums. This is one of the most important reasons why commercial buildings in the hurricane prone areas opt for metal roofs.

Energy Efficiency
Heating, ventilation and cooling costs make up about 35% of the average energy costs in buildings. Metal roofs can help significantly lower the energy costs by retaining heat during summer and preventing the heating up of the building interiors during summer. Also, application of a solar reflective coating on metal roofs can help significantly increase their energy efficiency.

The far reaching advantages of metal roofs in commercial buildings make them a great option for them that can assure the best protection for the building and the lowest cost of maintenance and replacement.

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