Vector Marketing
What is Vector Marketing?

Vector Marketing is an international multi-level advertising subsidiary firm and the home domestic arm of Cutco Corporation, a famous cutlery maker. The company was started in 1981 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Bill Cutlla, who went on to become the president and a member of the board of directors. It is now based in Costa Mesa, California. Its traditional and corporate home outlets are in Chicago, Texas, and New York City.


In Vector Marketing, the main tools at their disposal are images and vector graphics, which are then “pixed” together with words or text, depending on the situation and urgency. This package comes with a great many other resources, which may be useful in different situations: articles, press releases, directories, podcasts, audio files, videos, and more. It has become so successful that it has developed its own reputation management system – the Vector Reputation Management System.


If you want to know what is vector marketing, it’s worth knowing that the company has been the recipient of many negative publicity because of one small incident. A disgruntled customer made a complaint about the program, and Vector Marketing got into hot water when it was discovered that employees were using the program as a method to get started making money for themselves. Many people are of the opinion that this is a scam and that there is no such thing as residual income opportunities. This article will present some of the facts which show that what is Vector Marketing is not a scam, but a great way to get started making money on the Internet.


First of all, what is not a scam is a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme involves a set-up where those selling the product only earn a profit when sales of the product have been made. The people at the top are paid high commissions, while the middle and lower level members are expected to sell the product at a price that’s much lower than the original sale price in order to earn a commission. The only reason why sales reps are paid is because they convince people to buy – which is what the product is, after all.


Vector Marketing, though, has none of these characteristics. First of all, it has no set-up whereby the person selling the product makes any kind of commission. In fact, the sales rep earns his or her commission only if there is a direct sale. It’s also true that the people who sign up as members of the program do not need to make a single sale in order to earn their commission. These two factors mean that what is called a pyramid scheme, in which the people at the top of the pyramid earn huge amounts of money, is not what is being advertised here.


The people who think what is not a scam is the ones that start a program like this and then realize too late that it is just a pyramid scheme. That’s why it is important for you to understand how things work before you just jump in and don’t know what is going on. First, ask yourself what you would expect to get out of a program like this, and then ask yourself whether or not it is possible to make money from this. If you find yourself unable to answer these questions, chances are you are looking at what is known as a pyramid scheme. The fact that what is vector marketing has absolutely nothing to do with a pyramid scheme and what is actually happening is that the people earning the money are making it legitimately – this is not some bogus business plan dreamed up by an evil detractor.


What is vector marketing scam is also true about what is really going on when someone tries to sell you a membership to a service where they claim you can make a million dollars per month. All these companies offer are monthly membership fees, which is the equivalent of what is known as a discount rate. The people who manage these discount rates are supposed to earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, but most of the time, this does not happen, and if someone makes thousands a month off of your credit card, then they must be charging you for something illegal.


It is very easy to become a member of one of these programs and actually earn passive income while you sleep, but you need to be aware that there is almost no chance of you being able to become this rich without getting involved in some sort of direct selling. You cannot just sign up to any company, tell everyone that you can make a million dollars per month and just walk away with your money. There is no such thing as a “Vector Marketing Scam.” What you need to become successful is to learn the true method that is used to attract customers, and you can learn this technique by studying what is called a “Vector Marketing Coaching Manual.”