What is the Truth Behind Credit Card Debt?

The United States and other major nations of the world are becoming apprehensive about growing credit card debt problems, such as many economic experts watching closely whether credit card use is a boon or a restriction for individual cardholders.

Per credit cards are neither good nor bad, but there are many factors that affect the management of personal finance on a large scale when using them.

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Importance of credit cards:

The advertising campaign of card companies has been very successful in convincing people that credit cards are the ultimate essential and that “you can’t leave home without it.”

Actually, there are some advantages to having a credit card, but there are many disadvantages that you can easily understand if you are not smart enough.

Many people do not realize that when you use a credit card for your shopping or pay for utilities or other bills, you are actually due to higher costs. This is true even when you always pay your card bills on their due dates. And if you fail to pay on time, you are slapped on the interests you will have to pay.

Credit cards can be helpful in providing financial assistance in cases of emergency. They can also provide you with financial security during travel. However, people with low monthly incomes may find it difficult to pay only the interest.

Then, there is the factor of abuse. People with credit cards rarely stop to think if they can actually buy the item they need or need. It often collects credit card debt to cardholders beyond anyone’s imagination.

Choose between cash or credit card transactions:

Creating and following a strict budget plan is an important aspect of prudent financial management. However, this concept is often overlooked by the increasing reliance on credit cards for most purchases.

As a result, some individuals cannot easily decide whether they are better off buying in cash or using their cards. If you still can’t make up your mind, read further to find out more.

Try to remember the last time you made a big cash purchase. Have you not thought about partnering with your hard-earned cash for a while, if the item or service you are buying is really necessary and worth it?

This emotional attachment to money helps people make more responsible financial decisions but is definitely absent in credit card purchases. When using a credit card there is a tendency to buy anything and everything without remorse.

In addition, purchases on credit are typically 12% to 18% above the cash value. Can you imagine the sum of your potential savings if you were to buy mostly in cash?

When teens use credit cards:

Nowadays, credit card companies are directing their advertisements to the teen market. However, this does not bode well for parents, if you are training your children to become financially responsible.

By nature, teenagers can be impulsive and if they have credit cards, they may think that they can have just about anything they want. The best way is to earn enough money to buy what they want.

Financial security:

You should realize that a credit card will not give you the financial security you are dreaming of. Instead, they will only entice you to take out more credit card debt than you can pay.

If you feel that you still need one despite the risks, then execute all efforts to spend more wisely. While most credit cardholders would like to believe that they are enjoying countless benefits with the use of plastic money, they will one day face the sad truth.