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What Does a Marketing Manager Do?

Marketing is one of the most important functions of any company. Without marketing, a company cannot be profitable. Marketing professionals play a significant role in bringing their business to the public and supervising the various groups that do this task. Marketing managers oversee the groups that do so and coordinate all marketing activities among a number of departments within a company. Below is an explanation of what a marketing manager does.

The primary purpose of a marketing manager is to coordinate the various marketing efforts of his or her department. He or she oversees all direct mail campaigns, web site promotion and advertising campaigns, television and radio commercials, as well as promotional events. A marketing manager is key in helping his or her team to develop and plan these marketing campaigns. In addition, the marketing manager plans out the timing and venue of these promotional activities. A marketing manager will coordinate all aspects of an advertisement campaign, making sure that all parties involved are happy with the results.


There are numerous tasks involved in the job description of a marketing manager. These include planning out the timing and date of the advertisements, selecting the types of commercials to air, selecting the specific product or services to feature, and determining which media to feature. As well, marketing managers often take charge of choosing the target demographics for which an advertisement will be aired. They are also responsible for deciding on the exact content of the advertisement as well as deciding which keywords will be used. A highly creative marketing manager is responsible for coming up with creative ideas for advertising campaigns that bring about a lot of interest among target audiences.


Marketing management professionals can choose to be self-employed or work for a larger company or organization. The type of company they work for largely determines their lifestyle and the amount of responsibility they feel like they need to give to themselves and to their job. Many marketing managers work in an office, but others prefer to be on the road. Those who work in an office may enjoy the social interaction of a traditional office environment while those who are on the road to enjoy flexibility and working from the convenience of their car. Marketing management career paths vary and individuals interested in this field should view various jobs in light of their own individual goals.


Some of the typical tasks marketing professionals perform include researching and assessing the target audience and finding the best keywords for a particular advertisement or promotional campaign. Other duties may include choosing the format in which the advertisement will be presented. Some marketing managers may oversee advertising efforts, while some may be involved with day-to-day production. Marketing managers may also handle tasks such as creating and editing written materials, preparing and editing web pages, and running promotions and special events. Finally, marketing management professionals are often asked to be on call for a variety of tasks, including making calls, answering phones, and assisting store owners or managers with various aspects of store operations.


The typical duties of what does a marketing manager do during the course of his or her job will vary according to the manager’s position. A marketer may be involved in day-to-day operations in the field, performing tasks such as recruiting for new clients and interviewing potential employees. A social media manager is tasked with the task of maintaining online conversations, conducting surveys, and analyzing the results of these conversations. These managers may also choose to coordinate online promotions and social media campaigns.


The responsibilities of what does a marketing manager do when he or she leaves a current position will depend upon what his or her specific goals were when they left their previous position. A marketer who leaves an executive position may need to develop strategies to help the organization achieve its goals. A social media manager may need to create comprehensive plans to enhance the organization’s search engine rankings. A marketing manager may also need to coordinate and integrate online advertising efforts, depending on how large the target audience is. Each of these managers will have their own unique goals for which they need to develop strategies.


The typical duties of what does a marketing manager do during a typical workday include preparing financial reports, creating corporate videos, updating marketing tools, analyzing customer service, delegating routine tasks, and supervising all employees in the department. These managers are usually detail-oriented and multi-taskers who enjoy planning and supervising the daily operations of their departments. Marketing managers will also need to develop and implement marketing plans and implement the plans on their own through various channels. These managers enjoy communicating with clients and providing leadership roles to employees in the marketing department.