Types of Web Developers and their Working


So what we are here for you? You must have guessed that from the topic. But hold on before we start to know more. Generally, we think that website development is a single skill in any of the Website Development companies in California, but there is much more to know deep inside it. Website developers are divided into three categories based on the skills required. Before discussing this, it is sure that a Website Development in California must have a grip on these all types.

Here is something extra I want to add here about web development and web designing. These two are different things to do. In web designing, the designer has to create the look and appearance of the website using design software. While in Web Development, the developer has to develop the website based on code or other programming methods.

Let’s dive into the types of Web developers and their Working.

The Front End Developer 

A front-end developer is the only person responsible for the look and appearance of the website. They manage how to show the buttons, icons, or any component of the site and show them. Unfortunately, most of us often mix the concept of web developers and web designers while these are on the different edges of a rope but bounded to each other.

A front-end developer or I would say that a web designer has the skills to show images, text, or buttons that positively impact the user or view the website. Let’s take an example. Have you ever saw a button that changes color while you hover over it? Of course, it does, but how? Because this is what a web designer does. The impact a web designer places are pleasant and functional.

However, there are some programming languages also required for a web designer to adapt to work properly. These are:

  • React
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Angular JS
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery

The Back End Developer 

We discussed that what a web designer can do and working. Undoubtedly, a web designer has very worthy work, but if we talk about the Web developer, it has a crucial role in web development.

A Web Developer is responsible for what is happening under the hood of the website. What web developers do, maintains the proper functioning of the website. Talking about the Working, then the web developer is the one who writes the server-side code, but why this? To make sure that data flows from the front end to the back end properly.

The best example of this would be an online store. Prices and product images are stored on a database hosted on a server. When it comes time to update prices or initiate an automated holiday sale, product information and prices are updated on the database, then displayed on the website. When you checkout and process a transaction, all that works because the back-end developer made it so. This is what any Website Development Agency in California has.

There are multiple languages that web developers can count on according to their needs. However, here are some of those languages on trend also.

  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Mongo DB
  • MySQL
  • C#

The Full-Stack Developer 

Now here comes something best on. Full Stack Developers are those who are experts in both the front end and back end. There is no need to divide the skills to create the front end and the back end both.

If I say that a full stack developer is a Superman or Superwoman in the website development, then that would not be wrong. Their knowledge and skills are wider and have a grip on multiple languages. The diverse expertise of a full-stack developer helps speed up the web development process and troubleshoot any problems that may occur on the front or back-end of a site.

Assuming this all, it’s up to your requirements that what you require. If you want any of these three services, whether web designing or web development or you need the full stack developer, we have your back for this. We are a Website Development Company in California allocating these all services at once. Just a Click away.