Are you getting tired of the same old and boring hair color and want to try out something new and exciting? Well, you have come to the right place. Here you will explore a variety of red, blonde, gray and other hair colors to see what suits best for you. You will know about color trends, products and other important aspects that can transform your hair color? 


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However, here are the best practices and trends to try out this sakon.

  • Brown balayage

This hair color is a great way to give a natural and refreshing look to your hair without making it dramatic. Brown balayage hair color gives a lot of pop and dimensions to the hair. Ask your colorist to highlight with different shades of brown throughout the hair for the dimensional and natural look. This hair color works for everyone and gives a subtle, nice and sun-kissed look. Try out this hair color when you don’t want something dramatic.

  • Black diamond

This hair shade is a super cool and powerful color that gives glamour and place of control to your hair color. As we all know, black hair seems so natural and healthy. You can try this out for giving highlights and this gives a flattery natural look with wide varieties of skin tone. While experiencing this shade, ask your colorist to give more inky shade with some amount of gloss so that hair looks shiny and beautiful. Black diamonds flatter almost all skin colors.

  • Almond edges

Warm nut tones create a strong spring vibe. You might have seen many shades with cashew, almond, nuts and walnut types of hues blended with the brunette hair in the warmer months. Deep brown is good to go for all seasons when you want to try something. Ask your colorist to light brown or dark highlights especially in springs. This will blend very well with the neutral hair color.

  • Face framing streaks

If you want that blonde hair to come onto your face and flatter your face, that is good to go. Bella Hadid’s face framing shades make it popular around the world. Ask your colorist to give the blonde look in front of your hair and if you want, go for solid highlights for the rest of the hair. However, front hair streaks look more pleasing and natural. It doesn’t require coloring most of the hair yet fun and exciting to do.

  • Shades of red

Red hair color is the new normal trend in the industry. You will see a lot of stylists and influencers are trying out red shades. There are a wide range of shades available in the red category–from light to dark tones. You can choose it as per your desire, from pale strawberries to rich garnet shade of red can be flattered with all skin tones and eye color. Dip your feet into this trend with some basic and light red color to give your hair a fresh and new look.

  • Copper sunset

During the sunset, the sky becomes red and shaded, that sky shade is a great way to adapt to your hair color. You have seen a lot of trends with sunset pale colors to give your hair something different and unique. Pastels are emerging from so many years but it’s time to give a try to something bold and submerging hair color. Just like copper sunset shade, a great way to enhance is through red gloss or tint over your usual base color.

  • Hazelnut

For an update in the brown hair color, burns looked more natural again. This time, on brown shade it comes with some golden color or light brown to give a deeper color for your hair. Ask your colorist for inspiration and it would be better if you bring photos and references to show them exactly what you want. This gives them a better understanding and hoi will come out with natural and beautiful hair shade.

  • Reverse balayage

When you’re looking for lower maintenance hair color then this might be a perfect solution. Reverse balayage is the new normal trend in the market. When you are already having a bright highlight but looking for an easier growth then this shade is for you. Ask your colorist one shade lighter than your natural hair color. It will blend with the highlight and give a lower contrast to your natural hair shade. After having reverse balayage, you will still have some pop of highlights.


Bottom line

These are best practices to try out for hair color. For those who already have some highlights and those who don’t, both can try out these shades and trends. Hope you found this helpful. So, which hair shade are you going to try out first?


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