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Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Millions of men around the globe are looking for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment. If left untreated, Erectile Dysfunction could be a serious problem. Erectile Dysfunction can be embarrassing and humiliating. This issue is now out in the open and not hidden behind closed doors. Around 153 million men suffer from erectile disorder. There are now actual treatments available to correct this problem. You can still live a fulfilling and active sex life, even if you are older or have a condition.

Physical causes are the primary cause of 60% to 70% of all cases. Atherosclerosis (or narrowing of the blood vessels) is the most common cause of erectile dysfunction in men over 60. This can reduce the flow of blood to their penis. Personae’s disease or injury to the connective tissue may also cause problems. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by damage to the nerves in the penis due to certain surgeries or neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. Diabetes-related impotence is more common in men with diabetes. They are at greater risk from both atherosclerosis as well as a nerve condition called diabetic neuropathy. Some drugs can also contribute to impotence, such as certain blood pressure medications, antihistamines and tranquilizers (especially prior to intercourse), and antidepressants. Excessive alcohol consumption and illicit Online pharmacy ezzz Viagra drug use can also be contributing factors. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by low levels of testosterone, which is a rare occurrence. Even though erectile dysfunction may be primarily organic, it can also be caused by psychological factors like stress, guilt, and anxiety.

There are many options for treating erectile dysfunction depending on the cause. Vacuum therapy is a method in which the patient inserts the penis into a clear plastic tube and then uses a pump to push air out of the tube to create a partial vacuum around it. This helps draw blood into the corpora Cavernosa. Injection therapy is the injection of a substance into your penis to increase blood flow and induce an erection.

The FDA approved marketing of a pill to combat impotence in March 1998, marking a long-awaited breakthrough. The drug, sildenafil citrate (brand-name Viagra), increases levels of a substance known as cyclic GMP. This is responsible for expanding the blood vessels in the penis. Viagra is effective in 70 to 80% of men who have taken it. It can also work for men with a psychological component to their impotence. Viagra does not cause an erection when the man is sexually stimulated, unlike drugs that are injected into their penis. The use of implantable penile prostheses is usually reserved for those who are suffering from impotence. To make the penis stiffer, they are placed in the corpora Cavernous. Although a number of herbs have been suggested for treating erectile disorder, none has been proven to be effective in controlled studies.

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Six Erectile Dysfunction Secrets You Need to Know

General Definition of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be described as an inability to have or maintain a sufficient erection to allow for satisfactory sexual performance. This condition is common in men, typically around the age of 40. In the United States, it is possible for as many as 30,000,000 men to be affected. However, some of the affected men experience chronic, complete or partial erectile dysfunction. This condition affects over half of the males between 50 and 70 years of age. However, it is not a normal consequence of normal aging. Erectile dysfunction can occur at this stage due to the following:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Kidney disease
  • Multiple sclerosis and alcoholism
  • Injury from an accident
  • Side effects of drugs
  • Hormone disorders
  • Radiation therapy, surgery and pelvic trauma.
  • Venous leak

The following methods can help you diagnose erectile dysfunction:

Physical Examination: Is the examination of the physical aspects of the male organ. This will reveal if the penis can be touched. This examination may reveal unusual characteristics in the penis that could indicate the cause of the problem. To determine the cause of the problem, the physical aspect of the patient will also be examined.

Psychosocial Examination: This involves answering questionnaires and conducting interviews.

We have the most recent 5 erectile dysfunction treatments to help patients with erectile problems.

  1. Vacuum Devices- This is a vacuum device that creates a partial vacuum that draws blood to the penis. This would allow the penis to expand.
  2. Surgery – This involves the implanting of a device to cause the penis and reconstruction of the arteries to increase blood flow to the penis.
  3. Psychological causes of impotence in men are often the cause of sex therapy.
  4. Self Injection – This involves injecting medication into the side of your penis using a small needle. It can take anywhere from half an hour to a few hours to get an erection.
  5. Oral medication – These pills can be prescribed and taken up to one time per day to treat erectile disorder. Cialis, Viagra and other popular drugs are just a few examples.
  6. Herbal Pills – These herbal pills are the latest treatment for erectile dysfunction. These pills have the same effect of popular impotence medications, but they produce very few side effects.

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