The Best Place to Find Dab Rigs Online

Back in the day, when smoking was designated for hippies and freethinkers, there was really only one way to consume cannabis; through lighting and smoking the actual flower. This was done through pipes, bowls, and simple rolling papers. Since then, the amount of ways you are able to consume weed and cannabis products has skyrocketed. Many smokers and people within the cannabis industry have really gone above and beyond in the creativity department of how we can consume our weed.

Not that it’s a bad thing though, because many smokers alike can test out new ways of consuming and using their marijuana. Usually, there is a simple common knowledge of how people like to enjoy their cannabis. Other than the traditional method of smoking the flower, you can also ingest your weed by baking with it or using tinctures or oils.

There is another method of smoking that is somewhat new to the game, but it’s become quite popular among fellow smokers and self proclaimed aficionados. This way of doing your favorite pastime is called dabbing. No, it’s not the popular body expression that all the teens are doing.

Dabbing is a whole different kind of experience when it comes to smoking. You don’t use traditional flower for this method. You have to use dabs, which are a seriously concentrated dose of cannabis. This concentration of cannabis is similar in consistency of a thick, sticky oil. People also refer to dabs as wax or even hash.

To actually use the dabs, they need to be heated to an extremely high temperature. That surface, called a nail, is heated with a torch, which then the dabs are placed and you can inhale the smoke. But before anything, you need to get a hold of a dab rig. A dab rig is the entire contraption that holds all the pieces needed to smoke dabs from.

Dabbing is a much more complicated process than just smoking weed from a bowl or a pipe. The entire process uses convective heating rather than conductive heating. Convective heating is said to be a bit better for you and a more effective way of smoking. Heating the dabs in this way allows for the concentrate to be used more efficiently.

With this concentrated cannabis and the ways it’s heated, you are going to receive a better high with a better taste, as well. This way of smoking is not for the faint of heart, though. This method is much more potent than smoking normal cannabis flower, so proceed with caution if you are a newcomer or just getting into the world of smoking cannabis.

Unlike bowls and pipes, dab rigs aren’t as readily accessible and available. That is why you might have to venture to other places other than your local head shop to find the right dab rig. You’ll have much better luck finding dab rigs online than looking anywhere else.

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