Some Facts About The Top 10 Log Bait Decks in Clash Royale

If you are a gamer then you must be aware of Clash Royale, where you compete in 1v1 or 2v2 fights with your eight-card deck. Putting up a solid battle deck in this game is challenging, especially when you reach Arena 12. Now, you can access practically all cards. Starting from common to the legendary. Players either design their eight-card deck depending on their offensive plan or utilize pre-made eight-card decks developed by experienced players to win fights. The Log Bait Deck archetype consists of forcing your opponent to use their log spell (or arrows, barbarian barrel, and more) on a specific unit and then penalizing it by attacking or defending correctly.

Previously, there was just one Goblin Barrel bait deck, but with the addition of Skeleton Barrel and Goblin Drill cards, you now have additional options. Want more information regarding Best Decks in Clash Royale and how to make the most of it? Don’t go anywhere. Keep reading the blog.

From top to bottom, these are the finest Log Bait Decks in Clash Royale:

  1. Classic Log Bait Deck:

The traditional log bait deck has been around for a long time. It’s one of Clash Royale’s most popular decks. This Fast Cycle deck contains powerful defensive troops. Thanks to the Inferno Tower and Knight.

Attack combinations that you may use are the following:

  • Goblin Barrel
  • Goblin Barrel plus Knight
  • Goblin Gang plus Knight when they use Zap/Log/Arrows

When you obtain value from Rocket by utilizing it on the enemy’s tower, use it as a defense and an offense card.

The Inferno Tower may be replaced by Tesla, the Ice Spirit by Electro Spirit, and the Knight by Valkyrie.

  1. Log Bait Deck with Prince:

Again, classic log bait deck that has a long winning history. It features more bait cards than the previous one due to Dart Goblin and Rascals. The Prince plays a vital function as a defensive card because you don’t have a Tesla or Inferno Tower to defend.

  1. Double Log Bait Deck:

Goblin Barrel and Skeleton Barrel provide you with a win-win condition in this log bait deck. On the other hand, there are the Zap bait cards like Skeleton Barrel and Skeleton Army with you.

Because you don’t have a powerful spell-like Rocket, you’ll have to assault continually to demolish the opponent’s tower.

  1. Royal Giant Log Bait Deck:

Well, this is an odd yet potent deck. It doesn’t have any spells, but that’s not essential in this circumstance.

The pressure from both the Goblin Barrel and the Royal Giant is continuous. The Mega Knight, Prince, and Skeleton Army possess a strong defense.

On the other hand, the Princess, Dart Goblin, and Skeleton Army are defensive bait cards

  1. Double Log Bait Deck with Bomb Tower:

You can compare this to the top three, but with a faster cycle and AOE defense thanks to Bomb Tower. The deck designs suffocate your opponent, preventing them from breathing at any time due to the pressure they are under, thus providing you with a win-win situation.

  1. Goblin Drill Prince Log Bait Deck:

It’s similar to the top two decks, except instead of using Goblin Drill, it plays Goblin Drill.

If you don’t have any other options, Goblin Drill can be played as a defensive card, but it’s still your victory condition, so attempt to protect it with your other cards first.

To make one goblin strike the enemy’s tower repeatedly, use the Goblin Drill in front of it.

  1. Fast Cycle Log Bait Deck:

Tesla and Knight provide this deck has a strong defense. Further, adding the Rocket to finish off specific soldiers nearly stops any assault.

Your quick cycle will drive your opponent insane as they struggle to protect your Goblin Barrels. Make sure you’re applying pressure all of the time.

  1. Mortar Log Bait Deck:

Mortar and Skeleton Barrel are responsible for your victory in this deck. Besides, the Mortar is an excellent defensive building. This deck provides outstanding protection when combined with Knight and Musketeer.

Attack combinations that may be used:

  • Skeleton Barrel
  • Knight plus Skeleton Barrel
  • Goblin Gang plus Knight
  • Mortar
  1. Bandit Log Bait Deck:

Bandit and Cannon Cards are defensive and counter-attack cards in this deck because you do not utilize them as bait troops. Thus, it is not similar to the rest of the Log Bait decks. Aside from that, this deck features strong defense and a powerful assault.

Always attempt Bandit at the river. In this way, you discover the enemy’s defenses and eventually push them.

  1. Goblin Drill Log Bait Deck:

The deck is similar to the Classic Log Bait deck, except it has the Goblin Drill instead of the Goblin Barrel. A Goblin Drill is a defense card that may be added to the Inferno Tower.

Log Bait Deck Tips:

  • As you may have seen, the Princess appears in nine out of ten decks because the key to successfully utilizing Log Bait cards is to keep your Princess alive and try to collect as many as possible in the arena. Protect it using cards like Knight, Prince, and more.
  • The Rocket is a victory card with a high value. The Rocket will cost you six elixirs if you don’t use it properly.
  • Use on a single elixir unit or a unit with four elixirs. Note, even if you strike the tower, you’ll be at a significant elixir disadvantage. It is something that your opponent will never miss.
  • Understand the enemy’s cycle as well as the cards you have in your hand. When using your Log Bait cards, it’s vital to know when to attack and when not to because the Log costs two elixirs and your Goblin Barrel costs three. Your opponent will always obtain a one-sided advantage. Thus, it’s crucial.

Many people continue to play these decks because they are entertaining, skill-based, and offer a diverse set of matches. You should give these decks a try if you already have some crucial cards.

Give these Log Bait Decks in Clash Royale a try on the ladder or in Classic Challenges if you want to learn more about defensive positioning, elixir management, and attack and defense timing.