Sidharth Shukla death
Review of “Sidhartha: The Complete Poem by Manish Sidhartha” Which Was Based On a Novel Entitled “Shiva”

Sidharth Shukla is an Indian actor, singer and model who once appeared in a Hindi film and television. However, he gained international prominence due to his portrayal of a character in the Hollywood blockbuster, Brides. He is best known for his starring role in Brides. He played the title role of Kaderu in that movie. Kaderu is an evil character who enters into a love relationship with Shukla’s daughter, Sita. Kaderu is portrayed as an extremely evil character by Kevin Dunn, who became an overnight star in Brides.

The crime novel began with Shukla, a married man who suddenly falls sick after being treated for a chest cold. He passes away at home and is cremated on the funeral pyre. Sita, who is heartbroken over her father’s death, takes to the solace of the streets to look for work and an opportunity to see her father and brother, who are alive in another world. She returns to her aunt’s house, where she meets a boy named Sidharth who takes her in.


Sidharth’s aunt provides him with shelter and funds his traveling expenses until a handsome prince from a nearby state comes to Mumbai to groom her. Prince Chhota follows suit and becomes her husband, while Sita continues to live with her aunt. Slowly, she falls in love with this prince and begins corresponding with him, even while working in an acting audition. Her acting debut is brought to the forefront when her performance lands her a part in Brides.


The movie is based on the novel Brides by Sweta Publications and loosely adapted from the novel, Mumbai Nights. Though it is a cheap Bollywood movie, and one may consider its storyline and story too contrived, it is a decent film that does not over-do its melodrama. Instead, it manages to retain the main character’s charm and likable personality, while introducing a new character and getting us all caught up in the story. I would say that the entire film is an anti-hero drama but co-starring Shriya Karolyi and Madhubala Sen even make the film more likable.


The story revolves around Shukla, a common man who realizes that he is actually a “bigg boss” in real life. He banishes his employees, sells his small business and lives a life of luxury. However, he realizes that he cannot live like this for long, as his business starts to fail, and everyone close to him falls sick. With his business in decline, he realizes that he needs to start his own business, so he contacts a director named Kirtan Mani who gives him the green signal. With some support from Mani and others, Sidharth Shukla slowly starts to realize that he has a good chance at becoming the “bigg boss”.


The movie begins with a montage of the various reality shows that were popular in India just before Sidharth’s arrival. All the shows feature the likes of Pappu, Humpty Gabba, Kaushik and Bhumika. While some of them are hilarious, others are quite disturbing and portray scenes of physical and mental abuse. It is interesting to note that even when most shows are intended for adult entertainment, there is still some relevance to them, most especially in the scenes where Shukla tries to help the victims of physical and mental abuse. The funny part is that most of the participants in the reality shows turn out to be good friends of Sidharth.


Soon after, we are introduced to Mani, who happens to be the one who was originally planning on starting a new channel, but had been told by his friend Shobha Dey that it would not go well as it is called Manish. To make up for this, he contacts Kirtan and asks him to assist him in creating the channel. However, Manish is not happy with this choice, as he has visions of himself being the “big boss” of all the channels and thus will be able to command all the maids and the dancers to work for him without anyone having any power or control over them.


Eventually, Kirtan agrees to help mani create the new channel, called Manish, and gets himself hired as the head chef at the newly created Cooper hospital. He then makes a deal with Sidharth Shukla’s brother Hota, who happens to be an expert in creating new dishes. Hota is also the main benefactor of the entire plan and ends up using the money from the restaurant business to start a restaurant of his own. Things go smooth enough and by 2021 Sidharth Shukla is dead, and Hota becomes the new boss of Manish.