Quick Tips for Fur Shawl Care

If you’ve put up the money for a genuine fur shawl to elevate the intrigue and beauty of your finest evening dress, you might as well put up the effort to care for it properly. Fur, as a sensitive natural material, is highly susceptible to damage that will arise from lack of proper care, so here are some quick tips you can follow to prevent damage and keep your fur shawl and regal and elegant as the day you bought it.

1.Don’t sit on it or ever fold it
This is more of a problem with coats than it is with a shawl, but if you’re ever tempted to sit on your shawl, don’t. More of an issue will come with folding. Never fold your shawl or you can matte the fur and damage the pelt.

2.Hang it when you store it
There is one way to properly store a fur shawl, and it is to hang it. Pick a hanger that will properly support it and will not unnaturally crease it. The worst thing you can do is force a fur garment into a shape that it doesn’t want to take. After a while, it will, and you won’t be able to bring it back.

3.Spot clean it as necessary
Avoid stains where you can, and spot clean the shawl as necessary. This will help prevent stains from gaining a footing on the fur or the lining of the shawl. Prevention is one of the best forms of maintenance.

4.Use a fur brush to dislodge dirt or dust
If the fur does accumulate any dirt, dust, pollen or other particulate matter, the first thing you should do is remove it and gently shake it out. That will dislodge some of it. As for the rest, you should invest in a special fur brush that will enable you to clean out the fur gently, without damaging it.

5.Do not store it in a plastic bag; transport it in a cloth bag, if you must
Under no circumstances should you ever transport or store your fur shawl in a plastic bag, as these will trap moisture that will damage the fur garment. It is a good practice to cover fur garments during transport, but never use plastic for this. Instead, use a cloth garment bag, as these will cover furs and protect them from light while still allowing moisture to escape.

6.Store it in the dark, in a cool, dry place
Furs are best stored in cool, dry locations, with circulating, not stale, air. It’s also a good idea to shield them from the light, and the way to do this is to keep them in a dark location as well. There are fur storage locations that offer these express services.

7.Do not allow it to become saturated with water
Of course, a fur garment is a piece of outerwear that is meant to shield you from the elements, and sometimes the elements are somewhat harsher than others. Wind, rain and snow may come, but do not allow your fur shawl to take on the worst of them. If it ever becomes saturated, bring it to see a furrier at once.

8.Take it to see a reputable furrier for cleaning and conditioning at least once per year
Experienced furriers provide specialty fur conditioning and cleaning services that will extend the life of any fur garment, be it a real fur bridal shawl, a fur wrap or full length fur coat. These services will range from cleaning and aligning the fur fibers to conditioning and properly storing the garments as well.

To learn more about these types of services, visit Maximilian at Maximilian.com. They can also be contacted by phone or email at 1-800-TLC-FURS or info@maximilian.com, respectively. Put fur care first – trust your furs to no one else.

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