Pointers for Choosing a Female Holster for Concealed Carry

Choosing to carry a firearm for self-defense is a highly personal decision that some gun owners make in order to be better prepared for daily life. As the number of women becoming first-time gun owners continues to grow, the market for female holsters has become stronger, and manufacturers are working hard to meet demand.

However, a few basic tenets of choosing a holster remain the same, regardless of who is looking and why. Here’s a high-level overview of how to select a female holster for concealed carry.

1. Select a firearm and train with it
Before you can select a holster, you need to select a firearm that meets your needs. You should choose the firearm with the help of the guidance of an experienced shooter, and select it on the basis of ergonomics, safety, reliability, as well as the recoil and the stopping power associated with the cartridge it fires.

All of these features will impact your ability not only to safely carry a firearm but to safely use it. There’s no point in choosing a hard-hitting cartridge if the recoil is too much for you. After you’ve chosen a model, practice extensively at the range with it until you are confident that you can practice safe handling and responsible firearm ownership at all times.

2. Select a method of concealed carry
Selecting a method of concealed carry must be compatible with your lifestyle. Some of the most common methods of concealed carry are IWB (inside waistband) and underarm carry, but there are many other methods of concealed carry as well. Carry location is important and considerations like the amount and type of movement must be thought through. Simply changing position from standing to sitting can change the way the holster feels on your body.

Another popular method of carry is utilized by a type of holster known as a belly band holster. These types of holsters fit around an individual’s midsection and secure the firearm in front of the user, and are a form of body carry.

3. Choose a holster that secures the firearm properly
Once you’ve chosen a method of concealed carry, you can start to select a specific holster based on features and your activities. The first and most important feature that a gun holster must offer is a secure fit for your firearm. Some concealed carry holsters are specifically designed for one (or a few) types of handguns, whereas others are designed to accommodate a size range or several different models.

Whatever holster you select, you must be sure that it secures your handgun properly, does not allow it to shift, and completely encloses the trigger guard. Pistol Wear holsters stand apart from typical bellybands because the unique, soft-holster design incorporates a semi-rigid front holster pouch panel. This feature protects the trigger area.

4. Choose a holster this is comfortable and secure on your body
If you’re certain that the gun holster you’ve chosen fits your firearm and secures it as well, you can get onto another important feature, which is comfort. Some holsters are more comfortable than others, but some gun holsters for women, like the Lady Defender Concealment Holster, available at Pistol Wear, provide construction from premium materials and are extremely comfortable. It can also be worn around the midsection or higher up on the body, whichever the user prefers for comfort and access. The versatility of wear location is a key feature of the Lady Defender Concealment Holster.

5. Finally, consider the bells and whistles
Once you’ve covered practicality, you can assess a gun holster on its value-added features and other niceties. For example, some holsters have space for accessories such as spare magazines. Additional accessory pouches are available for purchase that will allow the user to customize the belt band of the holster. The Lady Defender Concealment Holster, mentioned in this article, can accommodate trigger-guard mounted lasers and is also thoughtfully decorated with subtle lacing accents.

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