Need a New Kershaw Pocket Knife? Here Are 5 Great Picks

A Kershaw pocket knife is an immensely reliable, highly versatile tool, much like any pocket knife. However, design, technology and ergonomics all weigh heavily into the practicality of a tool, and Kershaw is as beloved for its proprietary features as the next. Traits and features like Speed SafeⓇ assisted opening and Composite Blade technology have defined the brand for years, and many knife and tool owners hold a special place of esteem in their hearts for Kershaw.

So if you need a new Kershaw pocket knife, give one of these five a try – or all them all to your collection.

1.Kershaw CQC 10K
This Kershaw was designed by Emerson and produced by Kershaw, and features a clip point, bowie-style blade that can be highly useful for hunting. Add it to your pack or back pocket as a backup and you’ll be well served. It’s also ergonomic and well balanced, and since it’s available with G10 scales, it’s tough as nails.

2.Kershaw Agile
Some Kershaw knives are available in several different configurations, but our favorite here is a plain stonewash model with an 8Cr13MoV blade and very simple aesthetics. With a 2.75 inch blade with a gracefully dropped point – nearly a modified sheepsfoot – it is very versatile. The tip is also very strong due to the nature of the blade’s profile.

Humble in design but wildly practical in execution, this handy tool also contains a flathead screwdriver and a bottle opener. Add on to your pocket or junk drawer and you won’t need to look too far for help.

3.Kershaw Ember
This little knife has a lot to love. It has both a stainless steel blade and overall stainless steel construction. Both the handle scales and blade are coated with Titanium Nitride (TiNi), which is extremely durable, corrosion resistant, and gives the blade a pleasant feel in the hand. This Kershaw knife may be small – it only has a 2 inch blade – but it is quick, ergonomic, and responsive in the hand, making it an ideal option for EDC or as a backup blade.

4.Kershaw Leek
The Kershaw Leek is available in multiple configurations, but the pattern was designed by knife legend Ken Onion, which possibly belies the name. With its iconic Wharncliffe-style drop point, the Leek is one of the most recognizable Kershaw knives of all time, and it is both extremely tough and durable. The model in question has a blade made of heat-treated Sandvik 14C28N with a black oxide finish, giving the knife both better edge retention and a lot of cool factor. Simply, sleek and understated, it is a useful tool that you can drop in or clip to your pocket with confidence.

5.Kershaw Blur
Like the Kershaw Leek, the Kershaw Blur is one of the most immediately recognizable of all Kershaw knives, and it is available in many different styles and constructions. The one in question here is the Kershaw Blur with an S30V blade and a 6061-T6 anodized aluminum handle.

Like all Blur models, this one features the gracefully swept edge and handsome lines that are the mainstay of the line, but this one’s S30V blade is superior for hardness, toughness and edge retention. Add one to your collection to see how real edge retention performs.

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