Mutton or Chicken Biryani – Which One to Prefer in Hyderabad?

Biryani is a part and parcel of many lives in Hyderabad. Almost every localite, irrespective of the caste and religion celebrates with this dish special event like weddings, birthday events, parties and even some festivals. It becomes the main dish in their lunch/dinner menu. Till today, for many people in Hyderabad weekend means biryani time! Not only for the local people, is Hyderabad’s Dum-ka biryani popular all across the world.

For people outside the city this craze may look mysterious but once they taste the authentic dish, they will certainly appreciate it. Be that as it may, most tourists and people outside the city are always confused whether to eat mutton or chicken biryani.

Since many hotels, restaurants and Irani cafes in the twin cities serve the dish, it is important to choose a good and popular one to have a decent encounter.

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

Chicken is much cheaper than mutton. You can get 1kg of it at around Rs.200 at retail market, whereas mutton costs around Rs.300-350 for every kg. In this way, you get more meat with chicken biryani than mutton biryani. Moreover, many restaurants either do not use good mutton or give only a limited quantity of meat because of its expense. This affects the eating experience. Better to go for chicken dish on the off chance that you like to have more meat.

Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani

When you cook the dish at home, or having at some other’s place, or at a popular restaurant like Paradise, Cafe Bahar, etc, consistently go for mutton biryani. It is the first and real dish from the city.

Meat of the goat is considered as truly outstanding on the planet. The semi parched vegetation vegetation of the Deccan plateau with its rolling hills, boulders and volcanic ash is an incredible spot to raise goats.

Chicken is a late entrant in Hyderabad. It is not uncommon in old time Hyderabad is not to eat it at all or dislike it. It was not piece of the normal meats in the city till years and years.

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