Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction and Key Factors


We were both 50 and had a happy, active sex life for over 30 years. He started experiencing problems with his erection a year ago. Both of us are teachers and our job is extremely difficult. We are concerned about side effects of Viagra. The doctor diagnosed stress and suggested that we take Viagra. We should stick to non-penetrative sexual sex, but we are losing our interest completely. Our relationship is in decline. His vasectomy was years ago. Could this be part of the problem? There have been no natural treatments.


Erectile dysfunction (also known as impotence) refers to the inability to erection, ejaculate or both. Together with the hypothalamus (the headquarters of the autonomous, or involuntary nervous systems), the ancient limbic system controls erection.

This network of nerves is sent to the blood vessels in the penis by messages. They dilate and erect. The man will not have an adequate erection if the blood vessels in the penis aren’t fully dilate and remain dilated.

You can trigger the process by looking at or speaking sexy words or body odours (pheromones, sex hormones or perfumes), fantasizing about sexual encounters, and touching erogenous areas. The conscious brain cannot directly influence orgasm or erection (except for those who are skilled at manipulating the subconscious).

Sometimes, impotence can be caused by psychological or physical factors.

Stress, anxiety, depression and loss of libido are all psychological causes. Fear of failure is another problem, especially for those who have experienced multiple episodes of impotence.

There are many causes of impotence. Cenforce 100mg Side effects of drugs that treat the nervous or vascular systems can affect erectile function. These include antidepressants and beta-blockers, blood pressure lowering medications, blood pressure lowering medications, blood pressure lowering tranquilizers, antidepressants and antidepressants. Low testosterone, diabetes and pituitary dysfunctions can all be factors in hormonal (endocrine). Plaque formation within small blood vessels can lead to vascular disease such as atherosclerosis. Stimulate erection. Another problem is neurological complications like multiple sclerosis or surgical damage to nerves (a common side-effect of surgery on the prostate). Other factors include fatigue, excessive drinking, and smoking.

Stress and fatigue may have been the catalyst in your husband’s case. Vasectomy might have been a contributing factor, as it can sometimes lead to weak erectile functions and loss of libido later. There is no problem with blood flow or nerves if he has an early morning erection. This is likely to be due to psychological stress, physical fatigue, and fear of failure. It’s hard to get rid of that feeling once it’s inside your head. However, hypnotherapy or therapeutic Iyengar Yoga are powerful ways to overcome the problem. Sometimes, acupuncture can be helpful.

These are my suggestions

You must first de-stress and increase your energy. For a few months, abstinence might be a good idea. For a month or two, abstinence may be advisable. Massage your partner for 30 minutes, three to four times a week. Focus on the neck, shoulders, and back to increase blood flow and libido. Play some soothing music, and allow your partner to focus on your touch. After you have had at most 15 sessions, try to sex in the erogenous areas but don’t attempt to have penetration sex.

This egg flip recipe will increase sperm production and naturally induce desire. Mix an organic egg with a glass warm, creamy organic milk according to your taste. For two months, give him this recipe three to four times per week.

Zinc citrate tablets should be taken daily for two months. Shilajit tablets should be taken after breakfast for three years. This Himalayan rock is rich in zinc, magnesium, and other minerals. To increase sperm count, he should take two Fortex (Ayurveda Rasashala) tablets at bedtime each night for one month. Then, he should alternate nights for two months.

Five Key Factors in Erectile Dysfunction

You might get ten very different answers if you ask ten doctors about the causes and other factors of impotence. Because the condition is so widespread and varied, it can present in any population, particularly those with poor health. The body’s evolutionary characteristics tell it to stop sex if it has a greater problem or is in poor health. There is nothing you can do about it. Here are five main causes of erectile dysfunction to help you feel more at ease in handling any situation.

Impotence is more common in senior men. It doesn’t matter if you smoke or drink, it can have a significant effect on your health and should be avoided. You can reduce your risk by almost 85% if you quit. You will also experience similar benefits if you drink less, though a glass of wine with dinner is a healthy option and is arguably the best. You will also have a lower chance of getting breast cancer if you exercise a lot. This is due to increased testosterone and decreased estrogen, which can’t be found anywhere else. Last but not least, what foods you eat. How good your nutrition is can have a significant impact on your erectile health.