How to manage your time during a government exam?

Time is the most valuable thing we want, but unable to make best possible use of it. One of the most essential things that ensure success is proper time management. When it comes to preparing for the government exams, the first thing we do is planning that involves time management.Proper time management helps us put our hard work in the right direction.

There is no doubt that hard work and determination act as cornerstones to achieve any desirable goal. But, the most crucial thing that can fuel your productivity is an organized study routine. There are myriad government exams that are approaching, such as the SBI clerk exam, SSC CHSL, SSC CGL 2021 etc. 

Here we have listed some suggestions that can help you manage your time while studying for the government exam:

To clear these exams, you need to follow an organized study routine. The level of difficulty in every government exam has considerably risen with the passage of time. While preparing for the exam, many students find it tough to manage their time for studies. 

  • Take short breaks

Many surveys reveal that the human mind can perform better continuously for at least 40 to 45 minutes. So, it will be better to assign yourself short breaks after every 45 minutes. You can use these short breaks for having snacks, tea or walking. This way you’ll be able to have 5-10 mins of break can prove to be one of the effective time management principles. As a result, you’ll be able to study for a longer period.

  • Utilization of time during travelling

A portion of your day is used in travelling while going to your job or any institute. Travelling involves at least an hour. You can use this time by reading a book, magazine or newspaper. The other best thing you can do is listen to an audiobook. You can utilize your travel time by revising the concepts you have learnt to retain them for a longer period of time.

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  • Keep yourself motivated

Keeping yourself motivated while preparing for the exam will boost your energy levels. You can easily keep yourself uplifted by listening to motivational podcasts and watching inspirational movies. Talking to students who have already cleared the exam can also motivate you to give your best while studying for the exam. Additionally, reading the biography of successful people can keep you positive and strong willed.

  • Seek help from mentor

While preparing for the government exam, you may encounter difficulties like not being able to understand the topic or clearing of doubts. To avoid any type of time wastage, consult your mentor as soon as you have doubt in any topic. It will aid in better understanding of topics and timely completion of syllabus. This way you’ll be left with ample time for revision and help you score well in any government exam. As the SSC CGL 2021 is yet to be conducted this year, you have sufficient time for revision. 

  • Make a to-do list

The efficacious way to manage time is preparing a to-do list. You can list various activities to be done in a day according to their priority. This way you’ll be able to complete all the important tasks in a day. Moreover, it will help you organize your time in the best possible way. It will also help you analyze at the end of the day how many topics you have completed for the exam and how many are left.

  • Clear your study table

It is important to clear the mess from your study table. This may include unnecessary magazines, books and devices. These things can distract you while studying and hamper your focus. Instead, you can choose to post some quotes around your study table that can inspire you while studying for the exam.

  • Shun mobile phones while studying

While studying for the exam, avoid using mobile phones. It is advisable to turn off your mobile notifications during study hours. Using mobile phones can distract you and break your rhythm while studying for the exam. You can use mobile phones for your betterment by downloading various government exam preparation apps.

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Many students struggle while managing their time to prepare for the government exam. They can refer to the aforementioned points, if they find any difficulty while preparing for the exam. Hard work and determination are fruitful when you systematically organize your study routine. Managing your time properly can help in reducing anxiety and tension while preparing for the exam.