How Much Do Traveling Nurses Make?

How much do travel nurses make?

This is a common question among new college graduates or first-time travel nurses who are just starting their journey in the nursing profession. The salary range for a new graduate in the United States is around forty dollars per hour. This might not be that much for you as you go through the country on your internship, but when you take it to the bank and figure in the expenses for housing, food, health care insurance, and the like, you might find yourself in the hole for the next decade or so. You could find yourself working as a traveling nurse for a couple of hundred to thousand dollars a month.


What can you do to make your money stretch that bit further? Some traveling nurses start by taking short-term assignments for as little as twenty dollars or for free. It’s hard to make any money when you’re working for free, but you may find work by doing errands for people who are much more expensive to hire. Ask an elderly person for a ride to the grocery store. Ask someone for a ride home from the local grocery store.


If you have a few skills that are complementary to your traveling nursing career, you can turn those skills into extra money. Become a freelance writer. Make copy for medical websites. Become an online tutor. There are a lot of opportunities for freelance writing and copywriting.


Do you have any entrepreneurial skills? If you travel frequently, you can make a quick buck by setting up a blog and offering advertising space on it for people who are looking for accommodations. This is another way to stretch the dollar. You can easily make fifty dollars a day from advertising on a blog when compared to what you would charge for a room at a hotel.


What do traveling nurses do all day? They get up when they choose, and go to bed when they choose. They can change shifts as they choose when traveling on the road. Traveling nurses can make great vacations if you plan them carefully.


If you have children, you can make even more money. As a traveling nurse, you will be working with infants, toddlers, and young children. This means you will be spending a lot of time in a day with these little ones. Working with young children can be very rewarding.


When you make money, think of ways to reinvest it. What is your pension going to look like five years from now? What can you do to make your vehicle (a motorcycle or a car) last longer so you save gas money? How can you lower your insurance costs so that you can save more money each month? Start saving money now!


Now that you have this information about how much do travel nurses make, start using it to get paid more! You deserve to be compensated for the extra time you spend helping others. As a traveling nurse, you will probably only work during certain times of the day, but you should still make enough money to cover your expenses. Contact one of the many companies in the United States that are willing to provide you with the compensation you deserve.


Ask the traveling nursing agency you work for about the rates they charge for shift schedules. There may be a time when the rates are higher during the peak season, but you can pay it forward by working more shifts and fewer hours. Many companies also offer a percentage reduction, if you maintain a certain level of employment for a certain period of time. There are no limitations, so be creative!


If you are still wondering how much do travel nurses make, then start doing some research of your own! Find out what other traveling nurses do every day and how much those jobs pay. Paying attention to other people’s experiences will give you some great ideas for how to maximize your income while making less. There are many different online forums where you can go to talk to other traveling nurses who are currently earning more than you are.


As you can see, the amount of money you can make as a traveling nurse is pretty substantial. If you are still working in your home country, don’t let that keep you from taking a vacation or enjoying a pay raise. Just think about the new opportunities you will be opening up while you’re on the road. If you’ve always wanted to help people, this could be the perfect job for you! Good luck!