Goodbye Sidharth!
Goodbye Sidharth!

Sidharth Shukla has been an Indianactor, host and character who appeared frequently in Hindi movies and television. He is best known for his varied roles in Broken But Never Broken, Hrithik Roshan, Dil Pyaar Kyun Kiya and Mankatha. In the TV series, he played the role of Parthan, a bungalow servant of a feudal lord. Later he became one of the most sought after stars in the Hindi film industry


It is sad to note that this talented actor also experienced the loss of his dear friend. He passed away at a private clinic in Mumbai on 6th September 2021. He had been suffering from severe respiratory conditions. His close family and friends, along with Bollywood fans worldwide, expressed their grief and condolences for the loss of their friend and colleague. Among the famous members of the Bollywood cast, Sidharth Shukla is the most popular and one of the finest actors of this genre.


There was a lot of speculation and talk about Sidharth’s death, with some saying that he might have died because of a drug overdose or was a victim of poisoning. His friends and family maintained that Sidharth had been receiving threats from the terrorists since he had appeared in some reality shows. However, media reports maintained that he had been receiving constant threats from the ultras and that his health had deteriorated to a very alarming stage. Some people even said that he might have been poisoned. However, various investigations have ruled out the involvement of any poison or drugs in relation to Sidharth’s death. He was cremated following a huge ceremony attended by his family and close friends, near his house in Panchgani.


A week after Sidharth’s death, his body was discovered lying at the railway station in Mumbaikars. It was found that he had been hanging from the handrail by his neck, the cause of death being a heart attack. The doctors who were present at the scene immediately rushed him to the Cooper hospital in Mumbaikars. He died on the 8th September. There was no autopsy conducted on his body, as there was none to be conducted on the body of the deceased.


The film actor was in the limelight all throughout the week, due to his two acting debuts in different movies. Bollywood fans and media reported that he had appeared in two films, both directed by Shimit Amin, ‘Mankatha’ and ‘Chak De! India. The week ended with his acting debut in the highly praised and acclaimed film ‘Shodh’ starring Vijay, wherein he played the role of inspector Shakyamu.


Director Shimit Amin had taken much pains to make sure that his two acting debuts in the film, namely, Sidharth shukla and Chandan in the equally successful ‘Chak De! India, would go down as two of the best ever performances by an Indian actor. The film, which released on the Bollywood movie festival, went on to become one of the biggest successes of the year. Shoukath’s performance and those of Vijay and Ajit were acknowledged by the directors and the producers of the film.


It was then that the news about the death of Sidharth shukla and the demand for autographed autographs spread like wild fire among the film fraternity and the actors and their fans. The news created a huge sensation on the social media sites with demands for autographed photographs of Sidharth shukla and the likes turning out to be the most sought after. With the demand for autographs skyrocketing on the social media sites such as, Twitter and Facebook, a lot of memorabilia was also launched. Shoukath was also included in the memorabilia along with a plethora of gold awards which went into the millions of dollars worth. The demand and the way the news broke on the social media sites made it very visible to the world and by evening, news of the demise of an important character in Hindi cinema made international news.


Shoukath was so close to his father that his father was the first to call him on the day of the accident to take care of him. This news was, however, followed by a statement from the film director stating that the incident was an accident and no foul play was done on the part of Sidharth. The biggest shocker in this entire episode was that Balika vadhu took the tweet, which stated that shuklai had passed away, very seriously. It was as if her own son was going on to fulfill the dream of his father.