Gaming chairs or home chairs? Ars tests three under $400

One of the most important accessories in any home office is often overlooked: the chair. With the social distancing associated with this year’s COVID-19 and mandatory remote work, many of us spend much more time at home at our desks than before, and without the right chair, that extra time can result in discomfort or even pain. backwards.


In my experience, you get more comfortable chairs for your money when you buy gaming chairs. They provide maximum comfort and ergonomic support for long periods of sitting and are generally designed for taller and taller people. heavier than office chairs. And they have to do it on a reasonable budget.


AutoFull gaming chair is one of the best-known professional gaming chair brands in the world. We are an official authorized sponsor of international professional leagues such as WCA, LPL, MDI, WCS, MDL and CSGO minor.


AutoFull gaming chair is a leading brand of professional gaming chairs. AutoFull focuses on research and development and invests in innovative technology to create 23 proprietary designs that are used in many of its most popular chairs. In addition to developing bespoke gaming chairs for 30 of the best professional esports teams, AutoFull has also developed an extensive line of gaming chairs for anyone looking to get involved at home.


The AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair is one of the most famous chairs because the hot pink color and the rabbit ears stick out from the top of the headrest. This is suitable for players who prefer a more feminine touch to their gaming chair.


The main feature of this chair is its fit. You can adjust or remove the seat angle, seat height, armrest, and lumbar support.


Beneath the sleek leatherette materials is a sturdy metal base that provides a sturdy base that can support up to 330 pounds.


The funniest feature is the attached bunny set that includes mountain hare ears and a faux fur tail to keep you feeling cute while you play.


This professional gaming chair provides durable, ergonomic gaming support, no matter how long your gaming sessions last. This black chair model is stylish enough to fit in your home office and the materials are of high quality and comfortable.

Secretlab Omega

When you first open the Omega shipping container, you get the perfect size and shape foam blocks with neat cutouts for each part of your new chair and a well presented little tool kit to help you out. to mount it.


The chair looks a lot like the driver’s seat of an expensive sports car. There were no signs of clicking or loosening on the chair itself or on its wheels when he was pulled out of the garage onto the sidewalk and then brought into the house.


One word of warning: both chairs are heavy. Office chairs typically weigh between 25 and 35 pounds; the Secretlab Omega weighs 66 pounds.


Go Fnatic

The actual Fnatic assembly process is much easier and smoother. The traditional assembly manual with only two steps per page is much easier to follow. There is no serious warning about what not to touch, all the screws are the same size and the included Allen wrench provides plenty of force to tighten them properly.


Once assembled, the Fnatic didn’t give me the same “wow factor” as the Omega. The pseudo-leather padding has a rougher, higher grain that is clearly visible and reminds me of a basketball. The padding is thick and very comfortable, but not as firm as on the Omega. And there was a noticeable click from the wheels and armrests of the chair as he rolled it down the sidewalk to the front door.


On the plus side, the through holes at the top of the chair provide excellent support for the included cervical pillow, and the chair’s design makes this pillow more practical than the Omega, with a more pronounced backrest curvature. the chair. The lumbar pillow also looks more like an integral part of the Fnatic, where the Omega appears as an afterthought.


Like the Secretlab Omega, it is a heavy chair: it weighs around 30 kg, it is at least twice as heavy as a normal office chair. Consider having an assistant available to move it after assembly, especially if you need to carry it up the stairs.


Anda Fnatic is designed for people 5’10 “to 6’10” and supports up to 330 pounds or a maximum of 440 pounds. Smaller people may be better off with the Omega – its relatively straight back makes it more forgiving for people who aren’t tall enough to reach the top of the headrest. But people tall enough to fit properly will appreciate Fnatic’s deeper curvature and better integrated neck and lumbar pillows.


While the Fnatic is a bit loose and wobbly compared to the Omega, it is noticeably more comfortable, especially during long periods of sitting. Sitting on Omega for too long without a break can lead to red lines on your thighs when you wear so many clothes.


I preferred the Pink gaming chair autofull with its subtle look, fine grain cover, and super firm padding. But after a few weeks of use, the orange and black Fnatic grew on me – it is now my favorite chair.