Facing Noise Issue in Electric Shavers?

Noise and speed of shaving

When it comes to razor performance and comfort, the battle continued. The different things that each electric shaver for women and men should provide can confuse you. But then it all comes down to tranquility, and in terms of noise reduction, there’s no doubt that a rotary shaver is a better choice. Due to the manufacturing differences of the rotary shaver, it is convenient to generate a low noise problem of an electric shaver.

Noise problem in different types of electric shavers?

It is designed to spin at insufficient speed, which produces a deep sound. In contrast, electric shavers have high-speed rotary motors that can cover around 1.4k cycles in a minute. Therefore, the rotary razor won a silent battle in this look. As we all know, aluminum razors produce vibrations which further increase the noise level. Even the movement of the blade and rotating shaft adds to the sound of the razor. Foil razors have a higher frequency of vibration because the blades have to change direction on each blade, while rotary razors have round blades.

These blades only turn in one direction. At the design stage, all of these factors will cause the shaver to make a lot of noise on an electric razor. If you want to use a rotary shaver, you will only hear a low voice. The speed of these razors is not high, so this feature is beneficial for you. So think twice and buy the best electric shavers in India.