Sidharth Shukla's death
Exclusive News on the Death of Sidharth Shukla

sidharth shukla death

actor Sidharth ankar is confirmed dead after being rushed to the nearby hospital. Big Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla was reported lost at the railway station in Delhi with his wife. He was pronounced dead at 11:00 am on the spot. According to initial reports, the actor died from cardiac arrest while travelling to his workplace. The actor has been rushed to the nearby hospital but died later.


According to the news he took some medicines just before he was rushed to the hospital and did not wake up at all. Initially, the social media portals were reporting that Sidharth had passed away, but later the news changed to confirm the exact opposite. Initially, the actor was believed to be in a coma when he went missing. The reason for the confusion and conflicting media reports are:


-The actress was rushed to a nearby hospital after she was found collapsed on the railway track. Her family initially took her to the hospital but then shifted her to her native town of Harrow, where a local Golkonda hospital put her in surgery. Her father immediately informed on the actor’s death through his Facebook page, which is a very common practice in such situation. This news of his death was therefore very shocking news to his friends and film fraternity.


-It is a well known fact that Sidharth has been suffering from a heart attack in the past and has been given medicine by his family to fight the issue. However, his condition did not get any better despite the cardiologist requesting him to do so. Later on, his condition got worse and he was hospitalized again. An official from the Harrow hospital confirmed this news to the press and confirmed that the deceased actor was declared dead at 9.30pm on the night of August 4. His death was reported from the London Ambulance Service and the National Crime Agency.


-The news of Sidharth Shukla’s death stunned the entire India and triggered mass celebrations amongst the Indian film fraternity and Bollywood elite. Many celebrities took to twitter to express their condolences to the actor’s family and further said that they were deeply saddened by his demise. The National Geographic Channel released a clip of an interview with him where he had talked about his passion for acting. It was reported that the actor had told the channel’s reporter that he loved acting till the day he died and that it was his choice.


-It is not clear what prompted Sidharth Shukla’s death. It is a question that will be answered as and when the investigating agencies are able to find the cause of death and other facts about it. A reputed news portal also reported that an autopsy conducted on Sidharth Shukla’s body found no abnormalities which can be considered a reason behind his death. According to reports, the star was playing a game of bingo at a hotel when he was shot dead. His friend who was present at the time of the accident claimed that the actor did not leave the table and then handed over the card to his friend who asked him to hand it over to the waiter.


– It is a big shocker to hear that the much loved mru diet TV actor has passed away at such a very young age. It was presumed that the father of six had been working on a project for the Hindi movie channel. His father had announced on his Facebook page that the actor had passed away and requested people to send flowers to the studios. An online search shows that there were no listings of any activity on the Hindi film channel’s Facebook page since last week. The news of Sidharth Shukla’s death cast a shadow over the Maharashtra film industry as a whole and a national hero was born just days before his birth in 2021.


– Shoukath Sharat as well as Prem Chopra have both confirmed that they were thrilled to be able to act alongside one of their earlier acting roles in a television show Babulnotherapy. They both had a good experience on the sets of the show and were able to help the director to shoot the pilot. The actress has said that she was happy that her role was given to an experienced actor like Sidharth. Prem Chopra said he was very happy to have cast Sidharth. Shoukath Sharat has been quoted as saying, “I was really looking forward to playing a lead role in a good film, but this is my first time as an actor and my father was very excited about me playing a lead role in a film.”