Everything You Need to Know About Play-to-earn crypto game Costs in 2022 -2023

The game has been a topic of debate in town for some time now. Some say cryptogaming will revolutionize modern gaming, while others are skeptical. Still don’t have an opinion? Feel like you haven’t yet discovered the game of elimination? After reading this article, you will learn the basics of play-to-earn crypto games and blockchain games. 

Definition of Crypto Games

The term “play-to-earn crypto games” gives a good idea of what these games are. Yes, players can win money by playing. 


Play-to-earn is a business model powered by blockchain technology. In simple terms, players can play a game and potentially win cryptocurrencies. How exactly does it work? In Play-to-Earn games, players can potentially acquire valuable in-game assets. This can be anything from skins to cards to a specific type of cryptocurrency. The more players play, the more assets they can accumulate, making them more valuable. 


In traditional games, these assets only have value in the context of a specific game. However, in “earnable” games, they have real value. Players can transfer these assets to the real world and sell them on their terms for cryptocurrencies or real money. Furthermore, unlike traditional games, these games are decentralized. This means that the developer cannot control everything from his power center. 


In play-to-earn games, the game assets are distributed among the players. By participating in the game economy, players create value for both the other players and the developer. All of this works for one simple reason. These games offer two things people want: entertainment and the opportunity to win money. 

Crypto games and traditional games

Play-to-earn crypto games disrupts the traditional online gaming industry as much as any other blockchain trend. GameFi is transforming online gaming by combining elements of DeFi, NFT, and blockchain technology.


Money-making crypto gaming projects take different forms, but most popular crypto games and NFT games share similar characteristics that differentiate them from traditional online games.


Easy-to-earn mechanics

In general, GameFi games use simple game mechanics. This approach lowers the entry threshold, contributing to a significant popularity increase. Players of all ages and backgrounds will be comfortable with these projects.


Ownership of game content

GameFi players become permanent owners of their digital assets and NFT. In contrast, traditional games can be interrupted at any time, causing players to lose all their progress in the game, which is a major inconvenience. All assets belong to the game developer. Users have no control over the life cycle of the game platform. If the game developer goes bankrupt, players will not be able to continue developing the game.

GameFi’s “play-to-earn” (P2E) model

GameFi’s “play-to-earn” model is revolutionary. Traditional video games make money through in-app purchases, affiliate programs, and advertising. Players spend money to buy in-game items that give them an advantage over others. Of course, these costs fall directly on the game developers.


If you’ve grown up playing Minecraft, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or other online games, you know that in-game currency with no value in the real world is worthless. You get nothing for your time and effort in the game. Players can earn valuable rewards just for playing compared to play-to-earn crypto games. And here are the top 5 most popular P2E games for 2022.

How much does it cost to develop a P2E game?

Let’s break down the prices of P2E game development so you can understand the budgeting approach and plan your costs accordingly. 


According to this price breakdown, you will have to pay an average of $120,000 to $300,000 to have a cryptocurrency game developed from scratch. The cost will depend on the location of your development team, the number of programmers and designers you hire, and the timeline of the entire project. 

In-house NFT game development costs

It is generally cheaper to develop NFT games in-house than to hire an NFT game development agency. A blockchain company usually charges a fee for hosting its dedicated programmers and covering all administrative costs. However, we recommend you think twice before going with the in-house option. 


You will have to spend a lot of money and time hiring the necessary staff; you will have to provide programmers with office space, equipment, and software for blockchain development; and formally hired employees will have to pay taxes and social benefits. If all these aspects are considered and carefully calculated, it is worth considering outsourcing from a different angle. 


NFT games are popular today because they allow players to earn cryptocurrencies. Can you imagine a more enjoyable job? This is how thousands of fans flock to the P2E market and help it grow and develop. You can also take advantage of this trend and enter the industry with a technically advanced and marketable idea, such as a P2E game or an NFT marketplace for P2E assets. This niche is very young and, therefore, still offers many opportunities for promising companies to make money. 


1. What is behind play-to-earn crypto games?


Play-to-earn stands for Game Finance and means that any game or application associated with GameFi allows users to monetize their game and earn digital assets, which can then exchange with other users on various platforms or channels.


2. How can I earn money with GameFi?


Players can earn money with GameFi applications, and you have to do one simple but fun thing: play. You earn digital assets by completing various tasks and competing against other players. Therefore, you can use all these digital assets to trade with others and earn fiat money.


3. Is GameFi free?


You can earn cryptocurrencies by doing regular physical activity (walking, jogging, or running). This depends on the game you choose. Some GameFi games and apps require no initial investment, while others require players to purchase a digital asset, such as an in-game item or trainers, to start playing. Let’s say you want to play something for free. In this case, the Walken app is highly recommended, as it doesn’t require investment.


4. What is the best game to earn cryptocurrencies?

The world of GameFi games is full of different projects. However, a mobile application to win games is worth mentioning: Hyper League. This app allows users to earn cryptocurrencies without investing real money while walking, jogging, or running. You can compete against other players in various hover racing contests to increase your rewards.