Death of a Popular Actor – Sidharth Shukla

Sidharth Shukla is an Indian actor, singer and model who first appeared in Hindi film and television. He was best known for his memorable roles in Broken But No Little Cheer, Balika Vadhu, Dil Se Dil and Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi. After a gap of eight to nine years, he appeared in the hit television series of Sein Kulkar in 1994. Shukla went on to play a pivotal role in the popular Hindi movie Baahubali. He won the best supporting actor award at the Satellite Awards that year.


The following year he again made an entry in Hindi movie openings with the comedy duo Dil Maktub, which was a box office hit. The movie failed to do well at the box office, despite its great cast and a fantastic script. In 1996, he appeared in the TV show Kamal Amrohi, playing the lead role opposite Sharukh Khan. However, this did not help his career further.


On 12 December, sidharth was found dead in his home, having suffered a heart attack. The news of his death immediately captured the Indian audience. As a result, various speculations began to fly about the causes for his death. Initially, the police claimed that he died due to cardiac arrest but later shifted the blame to alcohol abuse, citing the “promise” that he had made to stop drinking.


However, sources close to the actor maintained that it was not a case of alcohol overdose and that he had been suffering from a case of bronchitis. Though this was the first time that he had been seen in public since the death ofhoe in 1994, the fact that he had been admitted to a hospital on 12 December gave the fans something to believe in. It is said that sidharth had taken heavy doses of prescribed cough syrup and pain medication the previous day, which could have affected his blood pressure and led to an acute cardiac arrest. Though this is just one of the cases that are being solved as a consequence of the star’s death, many others simply believed that he had passed away because of natural causes, leaving the grieving family members and family of his deceased wife to deal with the grief and sorrow.


Shocked by the news, the director of Sidharth Shiksha Tours and Casting who had seen the clip of Sidharth Shukla playing the character of Dil Maktub on the Hindi movie, shocked the public by announcing that he too would be going into the acting business after failing to break into the industry. It was a heartening turn of events for a man who might have thought that his acting career had hit a wall and was not getting calls from any production houses. This news too came as a surprise to the many fans of Sidharth, who were left wondering what all the fuss was about.


The actor had started his career by joining Hindi movie production company, Karan Johar in 1997, which is where his association with the world of cinema began. Though the first few roles that he had played were on small TV shows, gradually he was becoming more known and popular among Hindi film audiences. Though there was hardly any news about the actor’s health in the Indian media, the shock and sudden loss of the much loved character of Dil Maktub in the television show, King of the Hill, had everyone talking about him in an enthusiastic manner, speculating on what had happened to the good looking actor.


The shock and grief that the news created among fans of the comedy genre prompted one of the biggest news websites of India, Twitter, to create a series of interesting articles on the same topic. These news stories were accompanied with a series of images that showed the actor and his co-actors in scenes from some of their best known Hindi movies, and where the late Dilshan “Dil” had played the role of an aging, but still funny character. The death of Sidharth Shukla has become a popular subject for all those bloggers who use twitter, and who regularly talk about the subject matter of celebrities and personalities dying. The various tweets on the subject created a lot of discussion online and offline, and the pictures and videos from various movies sites that were posted along with the news reports created a lot of hype about the death of Sidharth as well. The death of a popular actor in Hindi films is something that create a lot of excitement online even days after the news of his death was made public, and this was one of the biggest reasons why news about Sidharth and his demise went viral very quickly.


The actor’s death caused a lot of discussions on the internet. Many people wondered what prompted such a major celebrity to take his own life, and many others commented on the inappropriateness of an actor taking his own life, in light of his recent cardiac arrest and other health problems. There was no shortage of speculation about what led to the demise of the much beloved actor and leading personality, but the one thing that wasn’t speculation was the news that followed the death. The most prominent source of confusion about the circumstances of Sidharth’s death came from a Mumbai newspaper that reported that he had committed suicide after a shoot round at his studio on the day that he was scheduled to begin work on another film. The article further added that police sources said that the reason for the shooting was unclear and that the police were investigating the incident.