Best Electric Shaver in India for Men

Fortunately, the best shaver for men is available for grooming needs. It might not make you as difficult as shaving with a traditional razor or other deadly weapons, but it is the cornerstone of modern men’s morning routine. For good reason, electric razors offer comfort and convenience. If you know what to look for, it can provide a great shave as well.

What to look for Best Electric Shaver?

Speed ​​is a key indicator of the quality of electric shavers. A higher MAC (cycles per minute) is generally preferable. It should be able to do the same job as a manual razor in less than half the time. There are mainly two shavers depending on the functionality we have foil and rotary. Both have the general design principle of moving the blade under the grinding barrier, which protects the skin while still allowing hair to be cut by the blade.

The aluminum foil variant has a straight blade under the fixed aluminum layer, providing a generally closer shave. The rotary design features multiple rotary shavers for flexible cutting heads. Compared to foil, they have greater mobility and greater shaving capacity, although they make you look more awkward. Other important factors at the time of purchase will be battery life (50 to 60 minutes per charge can be expected) and overall durability, as a better-performing shaver can save you more years of life.

Skull Shaver

It has a smart blade that reacts to different hair lengths, combs out fallen hair to make sure it is always shaved and reacts to the contours of the face and neck to provide the closest shave. The unique feature of the sensor-based head shaver, the best electric shaver for face and body are also known for their incredibly smooth, waterproof, and low maintenance, they also come with various features such as the charging base which automatically cleans the blade. One more thing: Critics prone to razor bumps call this the best option to avoid them.