best camping tent for tall people in 2021

Fact: Getting higher is not always easy.

Sure, being tall means you still have a complete view of the stage at concerts, but it also means that some of the clothes and equipment just don’t fit.

When it comes to the world of outdoor adventure, equipment manufacturers are not pitching their tents for tall camping. This means you often spend many nights sleeping in a small haunted shelter.

The good news is that I’m here to help. I wish you could scatter in your tent to catch a few ZZs at the end of a very long ZZ day.

I will pass you through the best tents for tall people in 2021 so you can find the perfect tent for all your camping needs. What to consider when buying a tent as a tall person

Tents are a great investment so make sure you are getting a model that is right for your enterprise. As a great camper, you have unique needs, especially when it comes to tents.


Dimensions of the sleeping area

Perhaps the most important factor for your comfort at night is the dimensions of the sleeping area of ​​the tent.

While most campgrounds can sleep comfortably in almost any tent, higher campgrounds often struggle to find shelter that is good for their bodies.

So when shopping, pay attention to the length of the inside of your future tent.

In general, it is best to buy a tent at least six inches longer than your height. This will ensure that you have enough space for stretching at night.

That means better night sleep in the mountains. What would be good?


The height of the center

In addition to the length of your tent, you should also consider the top height of any shelter you purchase. While the length of the tent affects your quality of sleep, its height directly affects your ability to move comfortably in your shelter.

As you can imagine, a 213 cm tall roof tent is ideal if you hate flying at night walking to your shelter.

However, the height of the tent you buy depends a lot on the type of camp you are building.

In general, car camping tents have a higher ceiling height than backpack-specific models. That’s because car camping shelters are designed with that in mind.

Alternatively, if you are hiking, you must accept the fact that you will not find an entrance tent.

However, you can still find a large tent that you can comfortably sit straight inside.

It’s important to find a tent where you can sit upright, as it will be easier for you to change or turn over your sleeping bag without feeling rushed to the wall.

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about our body height, so sit in a paid tent that measures your height.

Measure your height from the floor to the top of your head as you sit and use this as a guide to help you choose the right backpacking tent.


Gear storage

Finally, taller campers should pay attention to the gear storage options offered in their tents. While shorter people can often do with a variety of gear storage solutions, not all storage hacks are perfect for tall campers.

In particular, tents with vestibules tend to be best for tall campers. That’s because vestibules offer an easy way to safely store all your belongings outside of your tent, thereby freeing up interior space so you can stretch at night.

Alternatively, internal gear storage pockets can be a good option, but it depends on their design.

In fact, the storage pockets located above (sometimes called gear lofts) are less than ideal if you’re a tall person worried about the ceiling height of your tent.

Ultimately, vestibules are the ultimate gear storage solution for taller campers, while overhead gear lofts aren’t necessarily a great choice.


Types of Tents for Tall People

While there are thousands of tents to choose from, not all are created equal if you are a tall person.

Here are some of the best types of tents to consider as you shop around:


Cabin Tents

When it comes to comfortable outdoor living for tall campers, the cabin tent is hard to beat. As the name suggests, tents are designed to look similar to a cabin.

This means they often have spacious interiors and relatively flat roofs. Moreover, many tents in the cabin have particularly high ceilings, which is ideal if you are a tall person who does not want to bend over when walking to your shelter at night.

In addition to their tall ceiling heights, cabin tents offer large open floor plans.

Since most of these tents are designed to sleep large groups of people, they will often have dimensions in excess of 7’x’7 (213x213cm).

Therefore, they are a solid choice for taller campers who hate feeling squished in their tent at night.

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