9 Ways a Survival Pocket Knife Can Save Your Skin

It’s been said before, but let’s say it again. A survival pocket knife is probably the single most important tool you can take with you into the field. There’s actually no limitation on the utility of a survival tool like a pocket knife, and paired with human ingenuity, it’ll get you out of a bind. At least, with one, you’ll have the ability to extricate yourself from a bind.

Not that it needs a strong defense, but here are 9 ways a survival pocket knife can save you if you’re ever in a jam.

1.Firecraft, firecraft, firecraft
Fire is not only useful for cooking and purifying water. It is also useful for providing warm, light, scaring off wild animals, and creating tools. Your survival skill set is largely defined by your proficiency with firecraft.

With a survival pocket knife, you can prepare your fuel and then start the fire directly via the aid of a flint (if it has a high carbon steel blade, like 1095 carbon steel) or a pyrophoric material like ferrocerium. A survival pocket knife will also enable you to start fire via other methods, such as a fire plow, hand drill, bow drill, fire saw, and countless others.

2.Preparing food, cleaning game and fish
A survival pocket knife also gives you the ability to prepare food and clean game and fish. Without a knife, it would be a whole different challenge preparing food for the pot, especially if you had to hunt, trap or fish for it to begin with.

3.Creating cordage
Cording is necessary for creating shelter and making tools like bows and fire drills. It’s also easy to make using methods like the reverse wrap, as long as you can harvest the materials. A simple folding knife is perfect for that.

4.Carving tools
Both folding knives and fixed blade knives are useful for carving basic tools in the woods. A survival knife doesn’t necessarily need to be bulky, but it can help you carve everything from spoons to pegs to arrows.

5.Opening bottles and cans
Stuck out there without a wait to get at a can or open a bottle? With a little bit of practice, a user can develop the skill to open a can or a bottle with survival knives. Just be extremely careful; this should only be practiced as a last resort.

6.Digging and making shelter
A fixed blade knife with a full tang is better for this, but in a pinch, you can split logs and excavate shelter with a everyday carry folding survival knife.

7.Clearing and marking a path
Trailblazing a path is one thing for which larger, heavier tools and longer blade lengths are ideal, but you must remember to take any port in a storm. Besides, marking a path so you don’t lose your way is another vital skill, and high quality folding knife is tops for that.

8.Making quick fixes (multi tools are especially useful for this)
Some multi tools, like Leatherman and Swiss Army Knife multi tools, are both easy to carry and extremely practical. Plenty of them have an assortment of driver bits, serrated blades, bottle and can openers and other tools that can help you out when you need it most.

9.First aid
Whether you need a straight edge to cut a bandage or a blade to carve a splint, a survival pocket knife with tough components like an anodized aluminum handle and a stainless steel drop point blade can really be a lifesaver, perhaps literally.

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