6 Hacks for Maximum Airplane Seat Comfort

Flying long distant? Like taking direct flights to Italy from US. And worried about airplane seat comfort? Well, nobody wants to land their destination looking and feeling fatigued. But if you are traveling in an airplane other than business class and 1st class sections, this job can be quite hectic for you.

The congested seats, low humidity, less breathing space, no leg space all work together to provide you the worst 8-10 hours. But do you know that you can convert seat problems to seat comfort? Travel experts have laid some hacks that you can you to maximize comfort during air travels.

Let’s know the top 6 hacks for maximum airplane seat comfort and the least fatigue

Pick the aisle seat

Find sleeping upright hard during a flight? The simple solution is booking an aisle/window seat. Ever slept in a car using the window as the headrest? Found it more comfortable than other options? The same goes for sleeping in an airplane. Using a window as a headrest provides the best neck support even better than a neck pillow. Just take a sweater and a blanket and roll it up. Now put it on the top of your sleeping side shoulder. And Voila, you are ready to have some comfortable sleep. You can use the airline pillow as an armrest if you need it.

You can use essential oils that blend and help you feel less fatigued. Thus you can have a better sleep. If you take any medicine or vitamins before sleeping, then take them as well. The best part about booking an aisle or a window-side is that no one is going to wake you up in the middle of the night just because that person needs to use the bathroom.

Pack a spare tray

Planning to work during the flight? But aren’t sure about the tray space being enough? Well, the solution is simple. Book an aisle seat and pack a spare tray along with you. Now, whenever your trey space gets full from your laptop and devices. And you are in the need of some extra space. Take the spare tray out and use it as the required extra space. Put anything you want in this extra space from your drinks and food items to devices. And enjoy a spacious traveling experience.

Use a seat cushion

No matter which flying seat you select, the aisle, the middle, or the first one. The thing you must have to ensure maximum comfort during air travel is a set cushion. Well, you can always roll up a blanket or sweater to use as a pillow or armrest. But what does a better job of being a pillow than an actual pillow, Right? While buying a seat cushion, make sure that it isn’t slippery. Because it is going to make a grip on your neck with the seat or window. And if it is slippery, you will not enjoy a proper sleep for sure. So investing in a cushion is investing in your sleep.

You can also prepare a separate sleeping kit if you are catching a night flight. The best way to do it is to keep all the things that you use before sleeping. If you take any medications before going to bed, keep deep. Other than that you can keep eye masks and a tiny warm blanket along with you. Air travels can be cold at night and bringing a small blanket will be of big help. Get proper sleep so that you won’t land fatigued. Make sure you make the right adjustments.

Keep a massage ball

If you are a frequent traveler, then you should know that how tiring the flight rides sometimes can be. The ultimate solution to getting relieved from the muscle knots is keeping a massage ball with you. And using it in times of need. With these balls, you can reduce any kind of muscle pain you adhere to during your flights. They release the tension in the muscles, making you feel relaxed and sleep better.

The best time to use a massage ball is before going to sleep. It helps you sleep better and enjoy your flying experience.

Make a footrest

Taking everything along with you for the 8-9 hours you are going to spend on an airplane is not an adroit move. The best way to make the most of your air travels is to make the most of the material. The material you have with you while you are flying. If you can take a footrest with you, take it. But if you have a flight for 4-5 hours, then I won’t recommend you to carry the extra weight.

Here, you can make your footrest. All you have to do is use your bag pack as a footrest. And prevent leg pain that you would otherwise have. Due to the lack of leg space in the economic section of airplanes.

Don’t forget the lumbar support

While taking long flights, like direct flights to Poland from USA the thing that is going to save your back is good lumbar support. Use an airline pillow or simply roll a thin blanket or top and put it across the lower seatback. It will save the natural curl at your back from the airplane’s resistance. And you will save yourself from some unwanted back pain.

You can also take the help of your massage ba;l. Just massage the area while using the massage ball. And then put the rolled towel or blanket across the lower seatback. This will be a much more effective way of preventing unwanted backaches.

Extra tips

Some extra tips that can make your travel more smooth are-

  • Always carry a hand sanitizer along with you– Standing up every time you need to eat something or touches something will piss off your neighbor. Keeping a hand sanitizer will not only keep you safe but will also present some unwanted gaze.
  • Pack properly– Instead of packing 12 dresses for a 4-day trip. Pack all the essential things that you will need during the flight and after that carefully.
  • Take snacks along with you– The airport’s food can be hard to digest and can easily bloat you. To avoid it pack snacks like dry fruits, salads, fruits along with you.