Haitian handmade jewelry
We bring a diverse change in the jewelry industry – Bull horn jewelry.

If you are looking for Haitian handmade jewelry, you are in the right place. We bring a diverse change in the jewelry industry by Haitian jewelry trend. 

At bijoulakayhaiti, you can get the top Haitian handmade jewelry made from bullhorns to bring a diverse change in the jewelry industry. Why is this jewelry unique? This jewelry is unique because of how we assemble these items. The way we use this jewelry is based on natural processes. 

Do many people ask if animals suffer harm in the procedure? The answer is that there isn’t. If the animals die naturally, the bones and horns are taken. After that, with the proper measures, our professionals can sharpen the horns to make them in the form of jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other items. Haitian jewelry is specially made for those looking for something unique.


How do we bring a change to the jewelry industry?

By introducing eco-friendly material and natural manufacturing ways, we bring a diverse change to the market. Yes, our jewelry is indeed made organically. 

This process is done by the bullhorn that is crafted by hand to shape in beautiful jewelry. 


Why do you need to choose our jewelry? 

There are a variety of applications and advantages from the bullhorn. It is among the most fashionable in the industry since nothing is harmful to the process, and it doesn’t cause any adverse effects to the environment. 

The method used to create jewelry using this material is distinct from a natural substance found naturally. It is cut down and reused. We don’t use any chemicals during manufacture. This is the resemblance of Haitian handmade jewelry

Heat and oil are combined to transform the horns into jewelry. Through this process, jewelry is automatically given the shine. There is no ethanol, no sealant, no primer, and harsh chemicals are utilized.


Eco Friendly jewelry 

There isn’t any industrial procedure that is detrimental to our environment. Our method is handcrafted and will not result in any environmental pollution.

Bullhorn jewelry is environment-friendly, but it is not the only reason to love this. Another reason to love it is the colors, shapes, and designs.


Our jewelry is different from others. 

All of the ways and features make Haitian jewelry pieces of jewelry distinctive and appealing for the wearer. There is no limit to the kind of cow you choose. Horns are gathered from various buffalo cows in different colors and designs that attract customers.

Please choose your preferred jewelry from our online store. We have the highest quality handcrafted jewelry available online.