5 Ways to decorate a small balcony

5 Ways to Decorate a Small Balcony 

Making the best out of small spaces require creativity. You have to think about it and give it some time to generate great ideas about how you will decorate your small area. Balconies are the most unused and neglected part of the house and usually, people use them as a storage space for their unused items. Here we are going to give you some ideas that you can use and decorate your small balcony. All you have to do is clean your balcony and empty the space because with these ideas you will get to decorate your balcony like never before. These ideas are cost-effective and can be done easily 

Add Some Greenery 

Adding different plants will add beauty to your small balcony plus it is the easiest way to decorate any area that is small and empty. All you need to do is buy some different plants that you can take care of afterwards and place them at different places in the balcony. You can use money plants, these plants come in different sizes and shapes. The best part is they grow with minimum effort and if they die you can always buy a new one.

Use The Walls

Don’t let your balcony walls empty, they could be the best source for you to make the best out your balcony by decorating them with your creativity. There are tons of great ideas to decorate your walls, for instance, you can add a wall-mounted bookshelf to have some books around your balcony. Or you can add an accent wall with different designs to add more value to your balcony. An accent wall is one of the modern balcony ideas that you can use to decorate your balcony. 

Seating Area

Add some funky seating area to your balcony, you will start spending more time inside your balcony because of all the decoration you added. You can use wooden chairs or there is an even better idea where you can add the hanging chair. It will act as a swing and will add more value to the balcony Plus your balcony will look unique. You can enjoy your tea sitting on the hanging chair having the best time of your life. 


You can either use white LEDs or warm ones, both works great it’s up to your preference what colour of light will you use. Warm lights are usually used in the balconies to have a nice warm atmosphere around your balcony. You can also add ceiling lights or wall-mounted bulbs all of these can be easily bought from the hardware store near your house. 


Privacy is important if you want to have a nice time in your balcony and you are in Pakistan. The reason being that the house is usually constructed without keeping a nice space between the house. You can add some balcony covers that you also use in your apartment or you can add some wooden panels to cover the areas that are more revealing. 


All these ideas are tried and you can try them too according to the shape of your balcony. You can use all of them or a combination of a few of them. They will add great value to your balcony it’s guaranteed.


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