YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment is a South Korean music agency founded in 1996 by Yang Hyun-suk. The business is run as an entertainment agency, recording label, music production house, event organizing company, music publishing house and concert promotion company. The company holds expertise in various musical genres including K-pop, J-pop, girl’s rock, hip hop, R&B, rockabilly, pop punk, soul, punk, metal, Japanese rock and roll, alternative and folk music. YG Entertainment caters to young adults, teens, kids and babies. The company holds exclusive contracts with various South Korean artists and music producers.


The company is primarily concerned about developing its clientele through innovative and avant-garde promotions and media campaigns. They are known for their innovative marketing strategies and high-productiveness. Prominent members of the company include Sung Si-Jung, Park Myung-jung, Kim Tae-hoon, Kim Hae-joo, Doojie, Han Chae-sook, Lee Kwang-woo, Hyeonak bee, Doojie, Choong Chee-hwan and B.I. The company has also signed several exclusive deals with big time Korean musicians. These include the successful deal with SM Entertainment, wherein the company became an official partner. SM is one of the most popular and well-known Korean music companies today.


A primary objective of YG Entertainment is to produce music that will be popular among the teenage crowd. Many of their projects have met with tremendous success, including the chart-topping hit “Touch” by Girls’ Generation. Another track that gained popularity was the mega hit “Reptile” by Take That. In addition, other songs have reached number one on the Korean charts. This includes the smash hit “Cute Boy” by Girls’ Generation, and “How Much Time” by Super Junior.


The management team for YG Entertainment consists of talented artists and producers who understand the need of their target audience. The goal is to provide a wide range of music to cater to the needs of the target audience. In fact, the company is constantly in the process of looking for new talents and signing new artists.


In terms of musical genre, the company offers a wide variety. Some of their genres include rock, Hip Hop, R&B, Dance, pop and much more. They have an array of solo artists and groups that are as popular as some of the famous singers and groups from the US and around the world. One of their newer acts is a group called “Falling Star”. Their latest single “Sorry” was released in March this year and has gained a lot of popularity.


In terms of movie and cartoon production, the company already has an established name in this field. Their most popular production to date is the movie “K-Pop Extravaganza”. The movie was released in March of this year and is so popular that it has earned rave reviews from critics and fans. Aside from movies, they also produce television series and TV specials.


YG Entertainment‘s website features many articles pertaining to their line of work. This website offers information about their popular artists, their current projects, interviews, news and events, and other helpful information. Music is definitely one of their main focuses. Their newest project, the “Xplosive” song, has become the number one hit in Korea. Another popular product is their self-titled album which is due out in March of 2021.


Although there are other companies in the Korean music industry, YG Entertainment has established itself as the biggest and most reputable one in the country and beyond. They offer a variety of music and products to their fans. Fans of YG Entertainment enjoy many services including concerts, DVDs, apparel, CDs, videos, corporate events, and tour packages. Their website offers much more information about these various products and services.