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What is Sports Marketing?

So, what is sports marketing?

It can be described as a division of marketing that focuses both on the marketing of particular sports events and sporting teams and the marketing of related products and services via sports venues and sporting teams. In the US, it is an agency that handles the marketing of sports franchises such as the NFL, Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association and the National Football League among others. It’s an agency that promotes and markets the business opportunity associated with sports and other competitive activities.


Although many marketers are aware of what is sports marketing, not everyone is as successful in this arena. Most marketers do not go through the proper training and do not understand the proper ways to approach sports marketing as opposed to other traditional marketing techniques. For example, there are many marketers that promote their business opportunity using television, radio and print media as opposed to sports websites, social networking and e-mails. This type of marketing will generate very few results and will not result in substantial increases in sales. This is because most people are not interested in watching commercials or reading articles.


The Internet provides unique sports marketing examples because the audience is global and the demographics are much more mature compared to television, radio and print media. Unlike these traditional marketing venues, Internet marketers have to develop an interactive content strategy that promotes the company brand and its own website. The product line can be easily found and the brand name and logo easily recognized by Internet searchers. It’s important for marketers to remember that search engine optimization should remain at the top of every marketing priority list.


Every Internet marketer should have a strong knowledge base about search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization refers to the method used to increase website traffic. It involves making a website seem as highly-known and visible as possible when people search for certain key words. SEO is an ever-changing discipline, but it has been around almost as long as there have been businesses. It’s a good idea to learn as much as possible about how online promotion works and then use this knowledge to create effective sports marketing campaigns.


One of the most successful examples of what is sports marketing involved with a new sports brand launching in the current economic climate was the launch of the New York Yankees baseball team and the marketing campaign that accompanied it. During the launch, millions of tickets were sold and the team became one of the most popular teams on the major league schedule. The Yankees did not manage to capture any of the major-league revenue during their first two seasons in New York. However, they were able to build a fan base and turn it into strong ticket sales that eventually made them one of the most successful teams in the sport.


What is sports marketing done if the company launching the campaign does not have a major league baseball team?

In many ways, it makes more sense for smaller companies or those that operate in a niche market to launch their own marketing campaign. For example, a fitness equipment company might create its own web site, develop an effective sales campaign, and then sell promotional items to consumers who are interested in improving their fitness. In some cases, the company may choose to go the route of media advertising by creating television commercials and hiring actors to promote the campaign.


What is sports marketing done if the marketing campaign does not target a specific audience?

Many companies and marketers believe that it is more effective to target general audiences because they will be more likely to purchase products. However, a more effective way to increase interest for a particular product is to find a unique way to communicate with the target audience.


For example, an eyewear company may want to use social media sites to drive traffic to its website. The eyewear company’s goal is to increase its visibility in the marketplace so that it can gain new customers. Therefore, it would make more sense for such an organization to post unit value stats and engage in other types of marketing activities on social media sites rather than focusing on reaching out to the general population.