How To Style Your Pullover Hoodie in Three Basic Ways -
How To Style Your Pullover Hoodie in Three Basic Ways

Don’t you just love it when you don’t have to start your day with an utter annoyance because the zipper of your favorite zip-up hoodie is stuck and because you’re already late, you decided to just leave it like that. You get on the train looking like a total wreck when in fact you had full hours of sleep.

All because of a hoodie.
Well, for a hooded pullover, that’s no longer going to be the case, and you’ll be surprised (if you don’t own one yet) how great it is to have one for making your life a whole lot easier. It does not only make you more comfortable and warm during the cold days. It will also help you look cool and at the same time just casual during the warm weather, that’s if it is made only with 100% cotton anyway. It’s important that comfort and coolness go side by side in the case of athleisure so you won’t look like you were fundamentally lazy to change out of your gym attire. Here are a few ways on how to wear a hooded pullover.

Layered Look
While most men know how to wear their coats for more formal, dressy situations, only a few know how to pair it with a pullover hoodie to help loosen it up a bit for a more laid-back look. And for the most part of the winter season, a layered look of a coat with a hoodie underneath it, speaks volumes when it comes to fashion and just for looking up to the minute in general. You can also throw on a pair of handsome sunglasses for a more dapper look and tweak it up again with a pair of white sneakers.

Bomber Jacket and Hoodie Combo
For a more modern urban effect, try pairing a hoodie with a bomber jacket. This combination may not be as smart-casual as the usual combination of a smart casual look but it is equally stylish with a hint of modern midtown. Whether it be a black or brown bomber jacket, if you wear a hoodie underneath it and throw on a pair of white sneakers and black or dark blue jogger pants, you’re all set.

Denim and a Hoodie
There’s nothing more fashionable than a classic combination of the good old denim with a red or white hooded pullover underneath it. And for a more John Bender effect, you can also throw on a pair of black boots and black skinny jeans for a twist of the modern-day bad boy style. And if you’re out on a weekend stroll, try on a pair of sunglasses to finish the look.

You can have a lot of style combinations for a zipperless hoodie. It’s not just quick to throw on, it will also provide you with a clean, more polished look. And now that you already have three ideas on how to wear your hoodie, head-on to Just Sweatshirt. At Just Sweatshirt, they not only offer a variety of designs and colors of your favorite closet staple, but they also have all of them made only with 100% pure cotton. Rest assured you won’t have to worry about the quality of your hoodie since all of their hoodies can withstand a great many washes before you even decide to buy another equally high-quality hoodie. For inquiries call them at 1-866-888-587.

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