Party Favors and Outfit Ideas For The Classy Bride and The Party -
Party Favors and Outfit Ideas For The Classy Bride and The Party

The bachelorette party—a night of fun and excitement organized by friends—is their gal’s last hurrah before tying the knot with the hubby-to-be. So much is expected mainly from the maid of honor for this activity as this has been considered as a part of pre-wedding traditions, what with the growing trend of bachelorette weekends, lots of things are to be considered when planning this event. And most likely, the bride expects this to be perfect just as how she expects the wedding day to be.

Weddings are very popular during the months of June, September, and October with beautiful summer and fall weather. Bachelorette weekends at the beach wearing bachelorette party shades while sipping margaritas with the bride is an altogether lovely image. Some brides also like to keep it light and fun on a night out in the city with everyone keeping their swag by wearing their customized bachelorette party shades.

When planning a bachelorette party, the first things to be considered are location, theme and party favors—this includes outfit ensemble. And while the first two are fun to talk about, party favors can be a challenge since they are important tools in heightening the fun and excitement for everyone and when pulling together a cohesive bachelorette party theme.

Matchy-Matchy One Piece Swimsuits
You and your gals will definitely look matchy and classy in coordinated swimsuits paired with bachelorette party shades. They could come in different colors and don’t necessarily have to be in monochromatic shade. Make sure to remind the gals to bring a pair of shoes that would match their bride tribe one-piece swimsuits. This entire ensemble will look put together with a canvas beach tote bag in the pictures for a memory that could last a lifetime.

Bachelorette Party Shades and Hats
These items are a great alternative to the classic bachelorette shirts. There are so many ways to get creative with party favors and if the bachelorette weekend is a beach themed one, you’ll never go wrong with this pair. You can also elevate this beach look with a pair of matching fitflops.

Uptown Bachelorette Swag
Look cool with your gals on the bride’s last night out before embarking on a lifetime adventure called marriage. Everyone will surely turn heads ready to have a great time in their little black dress and pumps with matching bride tribe retro bachelorette party shades.

Classic Black and White
One great way to coordinate outfits is to go for the classic black and white look. Just like on the wedding day itself, the bride should stand out during her bachelorette party. When it comes to standing out and looking like a bride, there’s no color better than white. With the bride decked out in white and the rest of the girls in black, your party is sure to stand out while looking stunning.

Low Key in Jammies
Thinking about a weekend beach and night out bachelorette parties being exhausting and expensive? Book a hotel suite with the squad, plan a slumber party and create a list of indoor activities for the night. This night could also be a spa night for everyone or a simple rom-com movie night for the low key bride and her squad.

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