How to Add AOL Mail Account on iPhones?

There are three basic steps to be followed in order to add AOL Mail on iPhones via the iPhone Mail App. The first step is to go to the AOL Mail application and tap on the ‘Sign in’ or ‘Add Mail’ button at the bottom right of the page. Then, choose the username and password you have just created and hit the send button.

Steps to Add AOL Mail on iPhone

When a message appears on your screen, you can either accept it or reject the request to sign in. Once you have completed the process, you will then be asked to enter your current password for the AOL account. You would have to enter the same password you entered when signing in to the AOL email server. Once this is complete, you will be asked to verify your AOL email address by clicking on the link that appears next to the blue verification mark.

When you are signed in, the Mail app will ask you to confirm your login information. Click on the link and enter the new password you have just created for your AOL account. When this is complete, the message will appear to let you know that your account has been successfully added to the Apple list. You will then be taken back to the home screen, where you will see your recent messages, upcoming messages and the ability to contact AOL. If you would like to read your email on your iPhone, you simply tap on the ‘mail’ option to access your AOL Mail App in iPhone.

The third and final step to add your AOL Mail in iPhone is to tap on the ‘View’ option from the main menu and select the ‘Aol’ option to bring up the AOL profile. Under the section named ‘Accounts’ you should find a link that says ‘All Accounts’. Tap on this link to bring up your profile page. Once you have done so, you can click on the red ‘+’ symbol to add your account. Type in your personal details and you will be taken back to the regular iPhone mail interface.

Your mail is now accessible from any iPhone with an Internet connection. It’s a very handy function for anyone who travels or who works from home. With a standard mail client, all your emails would be stored on your desktop at work, but using an iPhone, you can access your email wherever you are – as long as there is a Wi-Fi network available. The biggest advantage of all is that now you can attach your iPhone to your laptop or PC and send and receive emails as if you were sitting at your desk.

Bottom Line

This is also useful for business people who need to access their email on the go. For example, when travelling, you can check your sales report or your daily schedule from your smartphone, rather than carrying your laptop. The other advantage is that you can check your email on the go. You won’t have to get out of your seat to do so. All you need to do is to ‘add’ your AOL account to your regular iPhone mail program like Mailbox, Google or Yahoo.

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