Common Questions You May Have About Twitter

Twitter is a social media app that can be used to share information or your thoughts via messages called as tweets. It is a microblogging site made in America.

People are making millions using Twitter just because they are super active and already ready to help their audience. Many brands are super active and listen carefully to what their consumers are saying about them.

In today’s post we will learn about Twitter’s little know features that most people already be confused for:

Let’s get started:

Can everyone use Twitter?

Twitter is a free app for everyone, anyone can use it but there is one aspect, only registered users can like retweet, and comment. Unregistered users can only read tweets.

Registration for Twitter is really easy all you have to do is add your number or your Gmail ID and you will get a passcode on the platform you have mentioned, you have to enter that passcode and your profile is made on Twitter. Now you can like retweet and comment on any tweet you want.

Can we chat on Twitter?

Twitter is not very famous for its chatting feature but yes, you can chat on Twitter. It’s just that the audience on Twitter prefers chatting on other social media platforms more.

Also, everyone keeps asking about how to delete old tweets on Twitter, so here is the answer for you to delete an old chat message, tap on the message you want to delete and hold it for a while you will see a dustbin icon, you click on that icon and delete it but keep in mind you cannot delete the whole conversation at once you will have to delete one by one message.

Can I get help if I get stuck on the Twitter app?

Yes, on the Twitter application on the upper side of the left hand you can see three sleeping lines you click on that line and you will see an option called a help center.

After clicking on the help center you can ask your doubts queries about the app and they will answer you.

Also, if you are new on Twitter you can take the help of social media management like Circleboom. Using this tool one can easily manage their Twitter profile even if they are super busy.

Circleboom review will help you learn more about this amazing tool. With the help of it, you can grow and manages your account in a way that your engagement boosts, your insight improves the number of followers on your Twitter account will also heighten, it helps.

Can I delete and edit the tweet once I have posted it?

Here, on the Twitter app, you can delete a tweet once you have published it, but you cannot edit it once the tweet. Your tweeted message once goes live then you cannot edit it.

So be careful of what you tweet. Sometimes tweets can cause social media virtual war. Do not ever get involved in such things. However, there is always a way to delete old tweets using tweet delete tools. It will save you time as well as you can get rid of unwanted tweets.

What is the fleet?

Fleet on Twitter is for small stories; you can post your pictures or your thoughts on the fleet and they appear to your followers for 24 hours and then will disappear.

This feature was added around 2019 or in 2020 for the short stories it is a really good feature.


Overall Twitter is a very natural and great application, as sometimes there is so much hatred on this platform but still this app never fails to entertain everyone, so it is good to see the positive side of the application and enjoy.