Is a Small Pre-Built Gaming PC The Right Choice For You?

Whether you are ultra-casual or an aspiring professional, there’s nothing like owning a gaming PC that actually matches your playstyle and particular needs.

If you are getting involved with the eSports scene and need a highly flexible rig, you may want to think about getting a small pre-built gaming PC rather than a typical sized desktop. The following guide will go into some of the benefits and also point out where you can get your PC built online.

Advantages of a Small Pre-Built Gaming PC Over Laptops

While it does depend on individual needs, in most cases you’re still going to want a tower if you want the most power and performance for your money. In general, towers offer more flexibility when it comes to the various components you can include in your rig, and even smaller-sized towers give you a bit more room to play around with for expansions and upgrades.

As a gamer in the pro scene, this is incredibly important, as you want to be able to keep up with the latest titles and play them on optimal settings. If you are into streaming and content creation as well, you really need a dependable tower that has a powerful processor, a top of the line GPU, and adequate cooling.

 The added comfort and performance you get from being able to carry your rig from one room to another or to different locations is typically worth it for most gamers


The Best Online PC Builder For Hardcore Gamers

There, you will find a great selection of pre-built gaming computers, many of which have the small form factor you’re looking for.

What you will notice about CLX is their stunning variety of customization options. While you can select a powerful small pre-built gaming PC like the CLX Scarab, for instance, you can also customize this computer to suit your individual needs. You would be amazed at what the engineers at CLX are able to cram into such a sleek PC. This is the perfect option for gamers that aren’t tied to their workstations and prefer to have desktops that can be easily carried around.

No matter what you are looking for out of your rig, whether it’s a high degree of processing strength or a ton of memory, CLX gives you the ability to find a computer that matches your specific interests and needs. You can also switch out components you don’t like and choose the ones you do. On top of that, they offer a wide range of aesthetic customizations as well, so your PC gets that pro eSports look you love. If you are in the market for a powerful pre-built gaming rig, you’re going to want to check out the selection at CLX.

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