Precautions to take before finalizing new construction real estate in Calgary

First-time homebuyers are often in the midst of doubt. There are many things to take care of, and it is natural to feel confused at times. After all, planning to buy a house is a big decision, and a single mistake could turn your dream into a nightmare. And with new construction homes, you need to be extra careful.

So in this article, we will help you with some precautions to take before finalizing a new construction real estate in Calgary. This will help you ensure that the house looks exactly how you expect it.

1. Do not take the plunge before knowing the process and details completely:

Your new house is an expensive buy. Do not take a hasty decision before educating yourself completely about the process. The right education will help you devise the right strategy for buying the house and help you save money. Some details on which you should educate yourself are:

● The details of the neighborhood and the proximity to places that you’d want to visit frequently.
● The rules of the community and if they match your lifestyle and future goals
● The experience and expertise of the builder

2. Do not finalize the deal before you have a full idea about your mortgage eligibility:

Once you educate yourself about all the aspects, it is important to understand your budget and eligibility for a loan. Before looking for new construction real estate in Calgary, talk to multiple lenders and discuss the details. This will help you finalize which mortgage plan works better for you.

3. Do not blindly choose a builder without researching about them:

There are many inexperienced builders out there trying to get a quick buck by not giving you what you pay for. A good builder will never do that. This is because their reputation is more important to them than a quick buck. Take a thorough look at the experience of the builder, check their reviews online, and ask around about their reputation. Also, ask them questions till you are satisfied. This will help you choose the right builder and ensure that you do not face disappointment.

4. Do not negotiate hard for a lower price:

Most good builders do not reduce their quotes for new construction homes in Calgary. This is because they have a standard to maintain and quality to deliver. You can negotiate for a few upgrades but do not negotiate a lot on the price. Also, do not blindly choose builders that reduce the price a lot. They may later compromise on the quality and you won’t know.

5. Document it all:

While good builders will deliver what they promise, it is best to have everything documented and signed. It will help in eliminating any discrepancies later.

6. Do not mistake the model home to be the exact representation of your new home:

The model home is designed to show you what upgrades and amenities are possible in the house. However, it doesn’t guarantee that your house will have all of them. It is important to discuss what you will get and what not. You can add elements that you like but that will add up to the cost.

7. Getting a home inspection will help avoid any misses or mistakes:

Everyone can make mistakes and builders are no different. Sometimes amidst the excitement of moving in, you may not spot the mistakes. Opting for an inspection will help identify all mistakes or potential issues in the construction.

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