Benefits of preferring pen drive classes over the physical or virtual class

There is a sort of revolution in the education sector due to the involvement of Technology. Today students, as well as teachers, use different sorts of digital and technical means in getting and providing education. A new wave of communication is here that happens through virtual mode. But things have changed now. As more and more technical methods are available students get confused to choose one of them.


Earlier there were only physical classes, but now we have virtual classes, pen drive classes, smart classes, live classes, pre-recorded live classes, etc. Out of all, there are three methods People have started adopting technological tools that are effective and user friendly. Out of all ways, pen drive classes are best. Here we are giving your five reasons for preferring pen drive classes over another mode of imparting education.

Mode of Communication: – In physical mode, a teacher attends the class at a fixed time and fixed venue. If any doubts, students can ask teachers at the same time. But here, time and place are very important. In case a student missed some time, then they have missed the classes for that much time. Virtual mode solves problems of traveling and time but there is very interaction between a student and the teacher. Pen drive solves all the cons of both physical mode and virtual mode. Here a teacher gives all the lectures considering different aspects of students and then the lectures contain in a pen drive delivers to the student address. Students take the lecture session at their convenience. Whenever any doubt or questions arises, a teacher is always available to answer through Whatsapp, call, and email.


Time management: – Time management is always a big deal for students. In physical mode, students, as well as teachers, need to travel some distance to conduct and take classes. It consumes time. In virtual mode, there is no traveling but students have to attend the class when it is life. But in pen drive mode, there is no issue with time. A student can take the class from anywhere and anytime. Even at midnight, a student will get an education. A student just has to access the pen drive through any of the digital devices. That’s the foremost reason for students to prefer pen drives classes over to one or virtual classes.


Study material: – Physical mode is worse on this aspect. There a teacher comes to prepare for class but there are very few options to improvise. In pen drives class, after recoding the lectures, a teacher may view and update any missing parts in classes. Pen drives classes always come with updated study materials. The teacher understands the logic and need of students. So a good teacher always comes with good study material in pen drives. 


Understanding and Clarity of concepts: – There is no benefit to taking classes if there is no clarity in concept. In Pen drive class, a teacher clarifies every concept with full dedication, passion, and knowledge. Physical class is good for understanding and clarity but it depends on the teacher. Many teachers do not take any questions from students in a physical class.


Comfort Level: – Students and teachers both need some comfort so that they may focus on their core work. Physical class is not comfortable for any stakeholders of the class. Virtual mode is also not comfortable because here too there is a time constraint. However, in pen drive class, students and teachers both get comfort. A teacher creates a video by taking his or her own time and place and a student also take classes whenever or wherever he or she wants.


Flexibility in the study: – Pen drive class is very flexible. After receiving the pen drive from the teacher, a student may want lectures from the comfort of his or her home without worrying about any time and place constraints. In physical class, a student needs to follow a strict schedule. There is no flexibility of any sort. 

Conclusion: – By considering different aspects of the class, it is proven beyond doubt that pen drive classes are the best. In another mode of education, an intelligent student hampers the study prospects of slow students. However, in the case of pen drive, Even a slow student may become intelligent by listing and learning the lectures. 


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