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Mortgage for Commercial Property

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Mortgage for Commercial Property is a form of secured loan in which the lender uses the property as collateral towards the loan, and if you default, you are likely to lose ownership of your home. Deposits on just this form of mortgage can be very high so make sure you can afford both the deposit and the monthly repayments easily.

As far as luxury properties are concerned, Dubai may be an excellent spot to shop for. This is because the prices associated with luxury properties in Dubai are significantly lesser than the costs in other popular cities around the world. Real Estate Visas and other long-term Visas are easy to access for potential investors. This creates an excellent opportunity for potential investors to live, work, and stay with their families in the UAE.

Affordability is a significant reason why you should consider buying property in Dubai, but that’s not all. Dubai has an extensive portfolio of properties for you to choose from, and these include beachfront villas, townhouses, premium apartments, and penthouses. Dubai has got it all. Our agents are experts in the market and our teams have many years of international experience, putting them in the ideal position to be able to provide knowledgeable advice to investors.

An important thing to think about when buying land in Dubai or anywhere else for that matter is that you simply got to take under consideration the entire acquisition cost. The TCA goes beyond the net purchase price of the property that you pay to the seller. While most buyers factor in the cost of the property when determining their budget, they are not aware of certain other types of fees and expenses involved in purchasing real estate in Dubai.

New age mortgages here to help guide our clients towards making the most effective property investment decisions and we will be able to advise you on what is the most suitable for your requirements, If purchasing a property in the city has crossed your mind, in this detailed guide we will explain what these costs are and to what extent they can impact your budget.

A Mortgage for Commercial Property is actually any loan secured to property that is not your home. The purchase of mortgages is a specific type of commercial large-volume mortgage packaged for the quantity market. There are generally no fixed-rate mortgage rates for commercial mortgages. You will normally pay high-interest rates on commercial mortgages compared to standard home mortgages because these are deemed a greater risk to lenders. Commercial mortgages typically offer better rates than normal business loans, as they actually allow property as collateral.