Do Power Saving Guide Star On Electronic Appliances Really Save Money?

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Do Power Saving Guide Star On Electronic Appliances Really Save Money?

In order to increase your investment, it’s significant to consider your options to make sure your new appliances have all the aspects you desire with the energy effectiveness you require, and one of the most excellent ways to achieve your goals is by analysis labels. Most specialists recommend that you glued with items that present the renowned blue logo, but do power saving guide star on electronic appliances really save money?

What Does The Power Saving Guide Star On Electronic Appliances Logo Mean?

In year 1992, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the DOE (Department of Energy) worked in combination with an assortment of industrial, governmental, commercial organizations to build up the power saving guide star program. This plan has been implemented by many further countries around the globe, in an attempt to set the standard for energy efficiency for appliances and building materials. Before the blue Power Saving Guide Star logo can be placed in an appliance it must undergo stringent testing by the EPA to ensure it meets the standards for efficiency and performance when compared with a standard model within the same category. We know all Electronic Appliances very well and we are also expert in repairing all home appliances. Hire us for home appliance repair in pune and Kolkata.

Benefits Of Power Saving Guide Star Household Appliances

Do power saving guide star appliances really save money? Yes. Electronic Appliances bearing the power saving guide star logo have been established to meet the strict criterion set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency to maximize energy usage and presentation, with extra benefits that include:


In addition to using less energy to operate, power saving guide star certified appliances utilize the latest technology to deliver the utmost in performance, with features designed to enhance comfort, accessibility, and usability.

Cost Savings

Depending on the number and type of appliances you purchase, you can expect to save anywhere between 20 to 50 percent on your monthly energy bills. While the initial cost of a power saving guide star rated appliance may appear higher than that of a conventional model, you can quickly recoup that cost over the first years of usage with lower energy bills.

Power Savings

Energy-efficient appliances are designed to expend the minimum amount of energy needed to complete the task at hand, using innovative means such as enhanced insulation, cold water settings, precision controls, air circulation technology, and more.


In order to meet the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly products, many leading manufacturers have shifted their focus to include more ENERGY STAR certified appliances than they do non-certified. This movement has helped to bring the cost of energy-efficient appliances down to make them an affordable alternative for any budget.

Reduced Environmental Footprint

Power saving guide star household appliances minimize the use of natural resources such as oil, natural gas, coal, and water, helping to conserve energy and reduce pollution, waste, and emissions.

Return on Investment

If you plan to sell your home anytime in the next few years, upgrading your appliances can help to entice buyers by showing them that your home is well cared for and costs less to run than one that has old, worn, or inefficient appliances. See which appliances have the best resale value here. Get good discount on the fridge repair in kolkata and Pune this summer.

Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Appliances

  • Perform routine maintenance. Routine cleaning and calibration can help keep appliances working efficiently, while timely repairs can help prevent further damage and unnecessary downtime.
  • Get specific. Improve the efficiency of water-loving appliances such as your water heater or washing machine with tips from the pros at All Electric Care.
  • Use efficiency settings. Customize appliance use based on the task at hand, using the Eco setting when possible to use less energy or water.

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