A Golden Opportunity for Indian Students to Pursue MBBS in Georgia

9:42 pm.
kumari sujata
  1. Golden Opportunity for Students

MBBS in Georgia is a golden opportunity for the students currently who are looking to get medical education in abroad.

  1. Plethora of Opportunities

The plethora of opportunities and medical universities in the country are in huge numbers and that is the reason many students are looking to get a chance to study MBBS in Georgia.

  1. Universities of Georgia Approved and Recognized by MCI

Since, the time the Medical Council of India (MCI) has approved and recognized universities of Georgia.

  1. Finest Medical Courses

The decision came as a blessing for Indian students as the country has some of the finest medical courses in the world.

  1. Higher Middle Class Economy

Georgia is mainly a higher middle class economy and the greater part of the population is well read.

  1. World Class Infrastructural Facilities

The country offers a variety of alternatives for the students who are looking to pursue MBBS in Georgia with world class infrastructural facilities.

  1. Extremely Economical Tuition Fee Structure

Georgia not only provides an extremely economical tuition fee structure but along with that the housing fee structure in the medical universities is also economical for the students.

  1. Universities of Georgia Listed in WHO

The universities of Georgia are also listed in the directory of the World Health Organization (WHO).

  1. High FMGE Passing Rate

The Indian students while looking for options to pursue MBBS in abroad also look for those countries that have a high FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) passing rate.

  1. High Percentage of Students Clearing the FMGE Exam

Georgia is one of those countries which have a high percentage of students clearing the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) exam.

  1. Climate is Very Adjustable

The climate of the country is viable for Indian students.

  1. English Spoken Country

As it is a country where English is spoken commonly the students do not find it hard in communicating with the citizens.

  1. Medical Courses in Georgia

Students who are currently studying medical courses in Georgia belong to many different nationalities.

  1. Universities of Georgia Recognized Internationally

The universities of Georgia are internationally recognized which gives the students opportunities to practice their medical degrees in many different countries after completion of their medical course from the universities of the country.

  1. Several Academic Tie Ups with Medical Universities

The universities have several academic tie ups with medical universities of many countries and organize quite a few exchange programs yearly for the sharing of knowledge and tools for the benefits of the students.

  1. Several Global Conferences and Seminars

There are several global conferences and seminars which are also planned in the universities through which the information about the modern technologies and complex cases of the medical world are shared with the students and that is the reason students look to study MBBS in abroad as these things are not organized frequently in Indian medical schools.

  1. Have to Clear NEET Examination

The students who are looking for admission in any university in Georgia must clear NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) as made compulsory by the MCI (Medical Council of India) for pursuing MBBS in abroad.

  1. Hostel Rooms Have Central Heating Facilities in Winters

The hostel rooms of the universities have central heating facilities which help the students to cope up with the winters of the country.

  1. 24 Hours of Electricity and Water Supply

Also, the students get the options of 24 hours of electricity and water supply in the rooms.

  1. Extremely Experienced in Providing Quality Education

The universities of Georgia have well known teachers who are extremely experienced in providing quality education to the students and producing satisfactory results.

  1. Opportunity to Work Across the World

There are a number of medical experts who have graduated from the universities of the country and are presently working in different countries across the world.

  1. Top Medical Institutions in the World

The medical education institutions of Georgia are considered amongst the top medical institutions in the world and because of that the students always consider the universities of Georgia a top priority for their medical education.